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The 46th President of the US – free content

The former VP under Barack Obama’s reign is back in the White House – this time as President. Joe Biden and his VP Kamala Harris were sworn in on Wednesday Jan. 20th in Washington D.C.. The questions that arise: how will he fare and how will the future look like under an unrestricted democratic reign that has control of the upper and lower house.

By the beginning of last year it was clear to me (see article from last year January) that Trump had no chance in winning. The race to the White House certainly has left the Nation divided like no other Presidential race before and from the distance, putting all judgements of the persona Trump aside, it seemed like a not winnable fight of one ….. man against the system. And like many people and entire armies in history before him thought they could master a swamp – they failed. Actually, he not only failed, he drowned, and it seems he might, by design or mistake, have taken his supporting party with him. 

Once the heat of last year’s rhetoric has cooled down, it will be quite something to watch Joe Binden and his administration’s steps in taking back one of the most influential political chairs in the world. One thing that can already be forecasted with certainty – the present administration, with the already approved help of Silicon Valley, will ensure and already has laid out the groundwork, that no other future, self-made, surprise candidate can just emerge from the blind spot and have a chance at becoming President. 

To the inauguration itself: just the image of a State capital, occupied with officially 31,000 security personnel, in parts heavily armed soldiers, at the moment of the oath, already reveals the moment’s quality of time – which will influence and amplify over the coming four years. The chart of the moment Joe Biden was sworn in reflects that very content of time and considering that this is the chart of his reign, it should already give us some indication as to where the “trend” is going.

The life throttling Sun-Pluto of the chart, Pluto right at the MC, does not fare well (the presence of the army at that moment in time is already Sun-Pluto). To me, it looks rather choking, particularly for a so called democratic system; especially since the respective astrological signs of these two planets are ruling Hs.5 and Hs.7 – both pivotal houses for life and present. Certainly, it is quite fitting since Biden himself is a Scorpio, but putting that content on a nationwide scale is not what I would call a very “cheerful” moment.  

Inauguration of Biden / Harris, 20.01.2021

The AC’s content of time reveals that the potential of time wanting to come into the present is achieved through higher powers, which repeats what I already wrote in June 2020 about the future 46th President. Another point reveals a similar content of time, as already outlined in the “Event 201” article – a State in a State constellation, which reiterates and confirms that the system has taken back the helm of the ship.

However, the most concerning part of the chart and it’s content of time is from a national security aspect – we are dealing with some sort of a determative notion that will impact and further the dissolvement of the union, territory, or territorial boundaries. The opening of the borders for illegal migration, as well as a possible secession of some states could fit to that constellation. 

For Biden himself – well, there is something in the chart that does indicate that he is already or will soon be confronted with a “Weak King – powerful Dukes and Duchess” constellation. I guess it is not a big secret that some henchmen of the industrial military complex hold influential positions in his cabinet and, by now everybody knows, that Kamala Harris actually “wears the pants in this relationship” – as we would say in German. 

For a short time I had the notion that the US has just passed the moment in time that would have been comparable to the days of Juan Peron in Argentina. Not that I’m saying that Kamala Harris equals the stardom of Evita Peron, but there is something compellingly similar. I have been looking at some of the charts to compare those two times and the respective personas, but nothing struck me fitting enough. 

Though the case could be made – the US is on an Argentinian road (not just monetary wise) and what will be politically crafted over the next four years in Washington will be of equal influence and significance for future years for the US as of what is reminiscent for Argentina from the years of Peron’s labor movement. The big difference this time – the country pulling the strings for the US development  are not the Americans themselves. 

Times have changed and polarities of world powers have meanwhile shifted. In the case of the American situation their wire pullers do not sit on the same continent – they are on the other side of the Pacific.

Like I already laid out in last year’s articleone Trojan horse on American soil has already arrived and the first big impact has left “The land of the Free” in a desolate and not so free state – by an astrological look the new administration will be just part of that process and not be able to avert the unstoppable demise that it has inherited from numerous administrations before. 

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30.01.2021 – did not take long – here is more detailed proof of the Sun-Pluto content of his reign – https://off-guardian.org/2021/01/27/6-warning-signs-from-bidens-first-week-in-office/

27.02.2021not even a month in – Biden started bombing another country, again Syria – was it not him and Obama that started it years ago ? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/biden-airstrikes-syria-retaliating-against-iran-backed-militias-n1258912

29.09.2021 it seems that people slowly realize that Biden is controlled

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