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ATHENA – movie and the French riots

Athena is a 2022 Netflix movie production that premiered at the film festival in Venice on September 9th. The movie did not really make any bigger headlines in North America; but recently the movie got back into the limelight, even in North America. The recent country wide riots in France resemble pretty much what has been depicted in the movie quite some time before a similar scenario that is now on international display. According to Wikipedia and actu.fr the French political right has already warned that after the release of the movie trailer there would be a harbinger of a “civil war” to come. After watching the trailer and the images of the riots in France I could not resist getting the chart of Athena’s premier and seeing what it would entail and if these kinds of statements bare any trace of truth – admittingly not even having watched the movie yet. It particularly piqued my interest as in May 2021 I wrote about a group of French Generals warning about this particular scenario and how it connected with transiting planets to the French revolution chart.

In lieu of an exact start time of Athena’s premier I ran the midday chart to see what kind of content this particular movie conveys to the world and if it possibly matches what is currently unfolding in many French cities. The potential of the chart as well as its twelfth house are in a tight grip by Scorpio – meaning that the principle of the Gestalt and what is delivered to the origin is hampered with, or should we say restrained and repressed. 

Since Pluto is in Hs.2 we are dealing with constricted situations in respect to social issues. Hs.3 is Capricorn aspected with Saturn in 3. – the determinative societal aspects are depicted. Saturn itself is squared with Uranus in Hs.6 – Saturn-Uranus – delivering the issue to the house of the environment and creating the explosive atmosphere that is now on wide display. The constellation, that is known to be part of any separation/division, tells us that one party is barred from its destiny and is unable to live up to its determination since the other is hindering them with their regulations. In short, the constellation points to two origins that are generally incompatible

The determinative of the chart seemingly reiterates similar themes. Since it is a midday chart the level of the potential is executed and brought to “life”. As we are dealing with a Virgo Sun aspected with a Mars-Venus, the aforementioned themes are reinforced, this time just more graphic: the Martian aggression is targeting Venus, disrupting / penetrating societal structures

Mars is targeting the Virgo Sun as well, a Mars-Sun, that is a rudimentary Sun-Neptune – the loss of the realm, which is here displayed at the determinative, the unintended consequence of the chart. 

Completing the very comprehensive picture, Hs.4, ruled by Pieces, the principle of the Gestalt of the homeland contains two planets – Neptune and Jupiter. Both planets in this case are on points that are known to be Neptune-Uranus points – “unconscious content is coming to the surface”

The cool part about these two planets in Hs.4 is that they appear to represent the two involved parties that oppose each other. Jupiter is part of the potential (Hs.1 of the chart – Sagittarius) – mundan Aries (1st house), the intruder. The other planet, Neptune (Hs.4, Pieces) represents the locals. Both Neptune and Jupiter are “charged” with a Neptune-Uranus constellation, which signifies the lost origin, which applies for both confronting sides, both being mirrored at the 0 degree Aries axle; finding their “battle ground” right in the homeland of Cancer (France, french, Hs.4). The public perception is in Hs.7, containing the aggression / intrusion with Mars – which is the timely content that is reaching the public consciousness

Needless to say, when the riots reached the first level of high intensity, on June 30, a (Cancer) Sun-Mercury, was transiting squared to the Neptune-Jupiter in Hs.4, agitating the repressed Uranus, which activated Uranus in Hs.6, setting free the explosive energy in the Hs. of the environment, enabling the riots to unfold – remarkable as well the Moon right at the AC.

Again, quite similar to the Ohio train disaster (see article), which had a timely connection to a movie that was made about a year before the disaster later unfolded. Here, it is quite similar – yet another movie depicts what is about to unfold a year’s time.   

Quite telling is the reaction of the ruling elite, censoring news and restricting social media coverage about the riots with the argument of public safety; as if suppressing truthful content about a situation is just going to make the underlying issues go away, it is rather promoting the opposite. History has proven that Potemkin villages never live long, good luck Mr. Macron.

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