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VERRA – and the carbon credit scheme

Have you already heard about this non-profit organization? It would not be a surprise if your answer would be a no. Even if the doings of the organization increasingly influence your daily life more than you would think, the search to get the foundation data of the organization has to be proven quite unique. After multiple attempts to get some clear data from Google I received a message from Google that I would be searching for information that is against their terms and conditions – only for just trying to find out the foundation date of the organization. Repeating the search for a couple of times yielded the same result. At the end, well I put myself into the hands of AI. On the first round even ChatGpt did not know what I was even after, and just after garnishing my question with a couple of elements and data points of the organization I got a more compelling result:

“Verra, formerly known as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), was founded on November 15, 2005. It was established as a non-profit organization with its headquarters located in Washington, D.C., United States. Verra’s founding was driven by the need to establish rigorous standards and processes for measuring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions reductions and removals. Since its inception, Verra has played a significant role in shaping and promoting carbon markets and sustainable development initiatives worldwide.”

If you go to wikipedia you get additional interesting bites of information about this seemingly at the beginning of my search quite opaque organization – here some wikipedia bites:

“A 2021 study by The Guardian newspaper and Unearthed reported that Verra’s carbon offsetting standard was flawed. Accredited forest protection projects were using inconsistent predictive methods and overstating their emissions reductions. 11 of the 12 projects studied showed no difference in emissions compared to control groups. The study said the findings raised doubts about the validity of the carbon offsetting market. Verra said the investigation was “profoundly flawed”.[8] It pointed out that the standard is under a continual process of amendment in alignment with the latest scientific best practice and in support of government-led efforts to halt deforestation. 

A nine-month investigation published on January 18, 2023 by The Guardian, Die Zeit, and SourceMaterial, a non-profit investigative journalism organization, found that approximately 94% of the rainforest carbon offsets provided by Verra – which accounted for about 40% of all credits it approved – are worthless.They also found that the credit scheme may worsen global heating and that the deforestation threat for Verra projects was overstated by 400% on average. At one of Verra’s project sites in Peru, residents complained about being forcefully evicted from their homes, which were then demolished. The investigation was based on two peer-reviewed studies, one by a group of University of Cambridge scientists and the other from a team of international researchers.[5] Verra denied the claims, criticizing the methodology of the studies as flawed and unrepresentative of the actual conditions of the projects.[9]

Oh and I almost forgot a little secret – that wikipedia reveals as well – “…In March 2006, Climate Wedge and Cheyne Capital transferred the Voluntary Carbon Standard version 1.0 to The Climate Group, International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and World Economic Forum, and provided the initial sponsor capital for these non-profit organizations to subsequently convene a team of global carbon market experts to further draft the VCS requirements. … “

Ahh, so really – aside from having former Morgan and Stanley affiliates in the mix, even big money seems to be onboard for this world saving operation including (who would have thought) the World Economic Forum. Well, let’s see how we are fairing from an astrological point of view looking a bit into the day chart of the AI provided foundation day. 

I’ve mentioned before and regular readers of zeitdiagnosis.com might get even bored with this chart, but again we are dealing with these  “come rescue the world” organizations with a Scorpio Sun. But before we get to the Sun, let’s start in classical fashion with the AC of the chart. 

Capricorn with Saturn in Hs.7 – a determinative, restricting content is getting delivered into consciousness. The first house as well contains Aquarius with Uranus in Hs.1, we are dealing with the energetic potential of Uranus. Uranus is aspected with with Mercury in Hs.10 – a notion of how to regulate Uranus, the origin, is delivered into the determinative

The potential as well includes a Neptune-Saturn – letting us know that Uranus – the origin – is missing in general and will not be available for the chart / timely content. That is for the potential, meaning the potential does not “transport” or powers an intact Uranus. It is delivering a “non origin” energetic potential, meaning anything that shows in that chart is certainly not delivering or enabling the origin to come to life. There will be many more waypoints reiterating the same content of time.

The entirely of what gets to the origin and what gets delivered into the determinative is under the reign of Sagittarius – a notion, which on one hand contains the aforementioned Mercury, which is the “regulation of the origin” (connecting back to Hs.1), and an on the other hand, Pluto that is coming directly from the MC, the determinative, of the chart. The program and ideological orientated determinative content is placed right in Hs.11 – the origin. The aforementioned theme of a denied Uranus is getting even further enforced. The entire planetary complex gets an even more sinister touch if I tell you that the Scorpio Sun is on a point of the zodiac that marks an encounter with the finite – in short death – meaning no Uranus – for the third time reiterating the lack of the life enabling energy and all that is packaged into an ideological notion; but it also means that a system (Pluto) of notion is “born” that regulates the energetic part of a non existent Uranus. Jumping a bid forward – Hs.8 to 7. – Virgo, the analyzing or measuring of the environment gets delivered into the consciousness (Carbon credit system in general), but at the same time attempts to regulate the origin (Mercury-Uranus). 

It is here in Hs.7 where we meet Saturn again, which is as well aspected with Mars-Moon in Hs.3 – a constellation that indicates that we are dealing with a misorientation. The content that gets delivered into the present (DC) is Cancer with Moon in Hs.3, revealing that an aggression against the source of life is put into motion by being located in the house of the execution of the appearance (Hs.3) – in more understandable terms – the moment of time is about an assault on the biological life that gets functionalized in a regulatory notion that is extinguishing life (position of the Sun). 

In that context it does not surprise if articles of fairly respected newspapers write that the “carbon offsetting standard was/is flawed”. The latest news that the CEO of the company has stepped down due the accusations that the sold carbon credits are deemed worthless, which does not surprise with this kind of quality of time
No wonder that these already peer reviewed studies have confirmed that “approximately 94% (!!!??) of the rainforest carbon offsets provided by Verra – which accounted for about 40% of all credits it approved – ARE WORTHLESS”. The chart already foretold all that since the Venus of the chart is sunken into the unseen, not visible realm of Hs.12 – and needless to say Venus is associated with carbon in general.

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke

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