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Hurricane Katrina’s connection to Hurricane Ida and to a swarm of tornadoes

Every year the Gulf Coast of the United States gets visited by unwanted visitors that leave a destructive and deadly path behind them. They all have one thing in common, sharing the same family name, which comes from the Taino Native American word, hurucane, meaning evil spirit of the wind. Images of the path of destruction and the resulting floods of the visited terrain usually make headlines around the world, which are lately being used to sell technological climate change remedies.

On 29 August 2005, one of those unwanted “evil spirits of the winds” took aim at New Orleans. Categorized as a 5 Atlantic hurricane, Katrina submerged about 80% of the Big Easy, killed 1800 people, displaced over 1 million people and left an unprecedented damage of $125 billion. Katrina certainly made history as one of the most devastating hurricanes ever. 

This year, Katrina was remembered since one of its relatives, hurricane Ida, “paid a visit” to the Gulf region and hit the vicinity of New Orleans as a category 4 Atlantic hurricane. Fortunately, the destruction was not anywhere comparable to the catastrophic proportions of Katrina, but what got me interested was that it hit the metropolitan area of New Orleans exactly to the day – just sixteen years later on 29 August 2021.  

Looking at the day chart of Katrina certainly underpins the destructive nature of the phenomena. Before we explore the timely connection to later extreme weather phenomena and how they are anchored already in the 2005 Katrina chart, I’d like to quickly outline Katrina’s destructive potential. 

Starting with the AC of the chart – and sorry for regular visitors to this site – here it is again, as with so many of previously presented charts, this one too has a Scorpio AC. Obviously many of the charts we deal with suppress truth, which is mainly the reason why they have ended up for being mentioned on this site, since they all developed in some sort of life altering phenomena or events. In this case it is not any different. 

Before going into more detail and as already mentioned in a last year’s article about Scorpio, the star sign is not to be seen as outright negative. It is just located on the Zodiac at a very influential point of the progression of time. Scorpio (Hs.8) decides what content of time is released into Hs.7 (Libra – what can be seen or be noticed). Instead of passing on the, from previous houses of progression delivered content of time, Scorpio (Hs.8) might be inclined to withhold parts of what the precursor, Hs.9 (Sagitarius), has put together, in order to gain power or influence over the present. The outcome – Hs.8 / Scorpio gains power, but “damages” the content of time since not all of the full content that was passed on will reach its final developmental stage in Hs.7 (the present). 

Scorpio clearly gains influence and power – but the moment, or should I say, time will lack certain properties, since they are withheld by Scorpio. Deficiencies and distortions are the result. Certain constellations will challenge the deficiency and try to correct it. This is usually when things can get ugly and depending on the gravity of what is lacking this correctional force might be highly destructive and is one of the reasons why our present global weather activity seems to go more into extremes – so no carbon here :). 

A similar process can be observed in this chart – in this case Scorpio is the AC – as well has Hs.12 enclosed. The content of Hs.12 is figuratively  speaking “bottled up” and placed into Hs.1 – the energetic house of the appearance is being energized with a bottled up pressurized Hs.12 content. Consequently, this very Pluto in Hs.1 is charged with a lot of energy and is just waiting to be released. Two signs that are able to get the genie out of the bottle – Mars and Uranus. Mars is located in Hs.6, the conditions – energized from Hs.5 (Aries) – and even aspected with Neptune. This clearly creates some sort of reset by driving out the wrong, leading to escape or flight.

The second planet, able to prick the Pluto container is Uranus (an airy star sign), coming from Aquarius (Hs.3) – the execution of the appearance – wind is clearly involved (over 140 mph or 225 km/h were recorded) and the herein contained Neptune supplies the 8 inches (20cm) of rain and an 18 ft. storm surge that came with it, flooded most of the area.

So far so good – this year on the same day on August 29th hurricane Ida hit New Orleans. What attracted me was certainly that it appears to be a bit peculiar that a hurricane hits the city twice on the same day, but given that the peak of hurricane season in this area is around mid August to mid October, only some days really do make the cut. So, not really such a coincidence, just a matter of time when the next one falls on the same day as one of their precursors. 

Just a general observation from my astrological point of view – it makes perfect sense that peak hurricane season in this geographic area falls into the time between early August and the first days of September. It is the time when Scorpio will usually be the AC (or fourth quadrant) of mid-day charts and creates a similar content of time like outlined above. Certainly, planets will be placed differently and the outcome would weigh and pan out differently, but the underlying potential in this time of the year will always be there – the energy of accumulated denied truth will be released. It almost seems one could measure the severity of subdued life by the intensity of those devastating weather systems.

Getting back to my initial find. People that have read Mr. Doebereiner’s theory about rhythms knows that any event has some sort of a rhythmic recurrence or encounter with the initial event. You can imagine it similar to a stone thrown into the water and creating ripples. The center of the ripples is the event and the ripples expanding into space/time around it can be located in the original chart and measured up. Meaning that the planetary positions on the chart are strung up like on a timeline. Depending on the cycle of the rhythm, planets will trigger at certain waypoints. 

Taking the Katrina day chart ….  – see next weeks article for the timely connection to Hurricane Ida and a swarm of 44 tornadoes.

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