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A mid-September evening in 1901 an event attracted more than 15.000 spectators to the sold-out Royal Albert Hall in London – it was an event that was organized by Eugen Sandow, Russian born Friedrich Mueller, and is recognized as the first bodybuilding competition. 

The prize to win for the best balanced and most defined male body was set with 1.000 guineas, around $6000 today. Mr. Sandow, who is mainly referred to as the father of modern bodybuilding, chose no other than the Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to be the judge over the masculinity on display.  

The event is in a way considered the mother of all bodybuilding contests like Mr. Olympia, Mr. Galaxy or Mr. Universe, that followed years later and it can be seen as the blueprint of all later bodybuilder competitions.

The chart of the start of the competition, which is stated with eight o’clock at night. A fairly exact time of the start of the event should give us a good idea about the entire body culturing movement which can be witnessed presently almost everywhere around the world. No matter where you look the eye can hardly escape the sight of gyms, bodybuilding centers and advertisements for workout machines. And not to forget, Hollywood’s movie industry is likely the biggest billboard and large-scale influencer for the “new” body cult. What would the Hollywood movie scene be like without the names of Schwarzenegger, Silvester Stallone, Bruce Willis or lately Dwayne Johnson. These days it seems as a male actor you can almost forget your application for a role if you do not shape your body and “work out”. So, I guess we can agree that what happened and what was on display that September evening in 1901 in London, without doubt, still stretches well into our present days.

The mechanisms that have powered and even allowed the start of the movement, or should we better say the execution of appearances in the first place, are still at play and seem to multiply rather than to abide. At the base of the movement, we still find unchanged, subdued and misguided energies, that even up to this day keep powering the ever speeding up spin wheels and uncounted number of weight lifting and moving machines. 

By now, the body cult movement has gone more mainstream than ever before. The muscle obsession influences the way we dress, eat, spend our spare time and even how we want to be entertained. Many of the main players of the 100 billion “industry fitness and supplement industry” are by now multimillionaires, one of them, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is even that well recognized that his fame catapulted “The Terminator” right into a Governor chair.   

Seeing the chart for the first time almost made me venture into something else – it is highly complex and loaded with a lot of aspects and layered constellations – it is for sure one of the more challenging ones to tackle. But since I already have the exact time and day – why let a gem go to waste. I’m aware that many, who read my interpretation, will not agree with the outcome – but that’s what this starry dissection is all about, to get a different angel and, to some degree, provoke thinking.

For readers that just recently started reading my interpretations, it is important to understand that this is an event, the first of its kind. It is, so to speak, the blueprint / the mother of all other similar events and with that it shines a light on the reasons why it came to be in the first place. The participants of later events and actually people who are trying to achieve similar or emulate the phenomena in present times are unknowingly and unwillingly connected to the phenomena.

First Muscle event in September 1901, Royal Albert Hall, London

The chart with a Taurus AC is very much centered around House 6. It is quite unusual that all planets of a chart are connected to some degree to one house. In this case House 6. – the house of adapting to the changes of circumstances is heavily aspected – indicating that there is an issue with adjusting to the environment. House 6. is about awareness – the multi-layered constellations of the chart, all being anchored or related to that house, reveal that there is clearly some sort of an issue with the development of awareness. Virgo (Hs.6) is also known to be the warner of the Zodiac. So, we can already surmise that whatever happens here is affecting the growth and development of being aware. Since it is an event of bigger, public proportions – it affects both, the individual and common awareness. 

Let’s start in classic fashion with the AC – Taurus. A nice easy give away – since Taurus is the muscular tissue. Certainly descriptive, but yet not good enough. Venus is the figuration which gets examined in H.6. – with the connection to the AC – it is the figuration of the appearance that is inspected/examined (Virgo/Hs.6) and since Venus is in Libra a sense of aesthetics cannot be denied.

The AC reveals that we are dealing with the potential of a blocked sexuality, indicating that an emotion has been subdued and with that the access to the source and truth is sealed, which applies to participants of those kinds of events. The position of Venus is also emphasizing the same compensated content – the hindered access to emotion and a lack of independence. The position of the Sun tells us that the hindered ability to access one’s own emotion has already been experienced early on and the individual rather opted to live from other “sources” than their own

The MC – the determinative – an indicator that the entire content of the Q.4 is denied and cannot come to life. Meaning, these body contests are just a proof and mirror as to how much the individual, and society in general, is compensating and denying truth. These shows are a display of our state of mind, otherwise they would and could not happen. For this obvious reason, this body shaping cult is influencing present societies and can be viewed as an expression of a form of the execution of appearance of a subdued emotion that cannot come to life. These inflated muscular bodies are just the visible, artificial inflated part of a content that was not allowed to come to life

Clearly, these muscle men must be loved by Hollywood. The world lifestyle marketing and opinion shaping machine cannot risk missing out on displaying the trend, since the California movie production scene is itself just one piece of the puzzle of a greater empty shell of executions of appearances. 

Uranus in Hs.7 in Sagittarius – a notion of masculinity is on public display. There is only one issue with that, Uranus is opposed to Pluto and these two planets make for a “bird in a cage” constellation, meaning the origin is trapped and the herd (society/Hs.2/with Pluto) is watching. It almost appears as though the weak and subdued individuals/bodies with prepped-up muscles are trying to survive in front of their audience by grooming and displaying a Hercules like appearance. Intimidating bodies demonstrating strength, where there is none. It is so to speak their compensated angst (sexual anxiety) that feeds their muscular growth. Demonstrated strength, where there should be an admission to weakness. 

To be more frank – the prerequisites for someone to succeed in this field of activity is generally a lack or angst to articulate and name the experienced truth, in order to bring it to light (Mercury/Neptune). Since the fourth quadrant, which curbs and allows growth, is compensated / not articulated, there is no boundary and no “balanced figuration” anymore. Subsequently, the figuration grows without limits, in sync with the “amount” of the non-articulated and compensated. In short, the more you compensate, not articulate and live “your share” of truth and deny personal weakness, the greater your chances will be to succeed in these muscle events and the less you will be aware of the root cause, the more you can save on supplements and better your chance for a success in bodybuilding.

Thinking about how many excruciating hours of mindless “bodywork”, trapped in a machine-like apparatus forcing ever repeating movements, only partly transmits the impression of the loss of life, which apparently is only sacrificed for physical appearance (Q.I).  

The body building movement has gone mainstream. And to no surprise that these fitness machines are meanwhile an indispensable part of the public physical education system. The present fitness movement with a myriad of exercise machines and supplements, which seems to be an essential part of “modern” Western lifestyle, has loaned many designs of the once only by bodybuilder used machines and hamster wheels. The entire phenomena of body cult only gives us to some degree an idea of what is happening on the larger societal stage and where, how much truth is compensated on a daily basis, and to what degree the individual is “trapped” in executions of appearances

“The brain can be developed just the same as the muscles can be developed, if one will only take the pains to train the mind to think. Why do so many men never amount to anything? Because they don’t think!” – Thomas Edison

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