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9/11 – The beginning of a collapse of a system -free content

Countless articles, commentaries and theories have been written and reported since that tragic and memorable day. The events that happened, that eleventh day of September, in the Big Apple have for over two decades nurtured many theories and perspectives of what really did happen and who might have orchestrated the attacks. Setting all conspiracy aside – up to this day the public has not yet gotten the answers from officials about some very legit questions, just to state some of them:

WTC Building #7, which sustained only superficial and light damage from the collapse of the two towers, but fell in complete conformity like a controlled demolition, or how about the video footage that something other than a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, despite no wreckage and the owner, the Government, of the  building still refusing to release the security video.

Silencing those questions does not make the story go away. I would have not picked up the subject if I had not spotted some parallels to the present war on Covid, when I reviewed the charts of this infamous September day. 

As stated above and written by many over the last twenty years, 9/11 has been an undisputed pivotal moment in modern history. Some have compared it to a newer version of Pearl Harbour. Especially after the recent pull back of American soldiers from Afghanistan that kind of perspective might even be valid. One thing is certain – Western societies have given up their freedom for the promise of a more secure world. In regards to the Afghan situation, the world right now is exactly where it was twenty years ago. Those two decades have not accomplished anything, except that “pacifying” laws, like for instance the Patriot Act, have manifested themselves in state surveillance and squashed basic human rights and meanwhile created a dystopian world that would have been unimaginable to foresee twenty years ago. 

The present new scare – Covid – and the taken risk reducing measures are an equal bait. The public has to a large degree meanwhile embraced the offered and applied remedies. E.g. constant tracking and surveillance (an injection of some sort and vaccine passports) which are just the next step in this ever increasing life annihilating process. At the end, the Covid saga will end similarly to the promise for a more secure world after 9/11. The scare, if you want to call it that, will only live on until all the desired changes of mass surveillance and control are in place. Just like what I recently read – someone stated that the virus will be gone once the transformation to a totalitarian system is completed.

We obviously have not learnt from the 9/11 event and overreach of the Government that followed. Again, for the false promise of security (this time health) the people have again handed out their seemingly last piece of privacy and exchanged it for another fake security – vaccine passports. The story will end the same way as the Afghan episode – once the new “security” measures are in place nobody will talk about a flu virus anymore.  

To get a more timely unbiased testimony and witness to this process – here is the midday chart of the calamitous September day twenty years ago. Readers of this website might already spot two constellations that the 9/11 day chart and the Covid chart share. For a quick warm up we start with Hs.1 – the AC, Sagittarius with its planet Jupiter in Hs.8 – we are dealing with a conceptual notion that gets into the present (Hs.8 to Hs.7). That notion gets into the present via a Mars-Moon – the breach or assault (Mars) of home (Moon). The herein (Hs.7) contained Saturn with roots in Hs.2 (Capricorn) emphasises that loss of territorial security. The outcome, as well as the determinative are both heavily Mercury aspected; since the DC and MC have their planet (Mercury) in Hs.10 – the outcome is clear. I let you connect the dots – Gemini Mercury = the Regulative; Mercury of Virgo = Cognition – in short surveillance. 

What is more striking is the colored constellation of Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto and Mercury. The Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto we already know from the charts of the Great Conjunction, as well as being the main building block of the Covid area – which is meanwhile well documented on this website. The missing Mars-Pluto component from the Covid horoscopes can be found at the AC which, according to Mr. Doebereiner, is a Mars-Pluto point. Certainly, some aspects of this chart are clearly different to the Covid constellation, but doesn’t it seem a bit weird that the same “building block” is shared by both events and creates the same outcome.  

Both events clearly share very dominant Pluto positions. I cannot free myself from the impression that both share the same malicious origin – a plan, which means that both events are not just sheer coincidence and just happened. And to find the masterminds for both we might not even have to go far and leave the continent. 

3000 people lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. Covid vaccines by now, according to the CDC website as of 07.09.21 (VAERS data), have claimed up to about 7500 and that is just the official number, not counting people that experience severe, possible irreversible side effects.

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