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The Vaccine Race – an Astrological comparison of the First Approved Covid Vaccines – part1 – free content

The race for which company passes the finish line of the emergency approval process for a Covid vaccine first is on. Apparently, there are currently about twenty contenders. Some companies have already crossed the finish line and were able to secure multim(b)illion dollar contracts with industrialized countries, which are backed by their respective taxpayers. 

Almost like an Olympic competition of medical research, every part of the world seems to be represented by a company trying to catch the crown of the virus. The methods of creating immunity for the Covid virus differ. Some companies take an “old fashioned” approach of creating a vaccine, others are trying to rewrite the books of medicine and use a new method of engineering genes. The traditional way of using a viral vector method seems to be the more lengthy one, whereas the new way of genetically modifying seems to promise a faster response and lower cost (most likely equating to higher profits). The new mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-Biontec and Moderna) that will be “jabbed” in millions of arms have never been sufficiently tried with humans before, long term reactions and side effects are so far unknown.      

What a vaccine stands for and how it works from an astrological point of view has been expressed on this website before. I do not intend to repeat myself, but since we now face different methods of creating a vaccine it might be worthwhile to have a closer look at the charts of the respective days of approval for the different vaccines and to get a perspective from a different angle.

As mentioned, the processes to manufacture a serum that will successfully trigger an immune response against the virus differ. Right now, the “medical” world is full of buzz to compare the different methods. In the end only one factor will determine the public acceptance – EFFICACY. The astrological point of view clearly differs from that kind of judgment. 

To gain insight into the phenomena of that vaccine race I have, in lack of exact times of approval, taken the midday charts of the subsequent days of approval for the different vaccines. Usually, those kinds of charts give us a  good idea with what kind of “quality of time content” we are dealing with.     

The vaccine that first passed the finish line of government approval was the Sputnik V (Russia) vaccine in mid-August. After that, Sinopharm was approved in Dubai, later followed by the more fanfared British approval of the Pfizer-Biontec in December. Towards the end of December these front runners were then trailed by the US made Moderna and the British produced Astra-Zeneca vaccines.  

Here are the charts of the vaccines and their first approval dates:

GAMALEYA (Sputnik V), Moscow 11.08.2020
Sinopharm, Dubai 14.09.2020
Pfizer-Biontec, London 02.12.2020
Moderna, Washington 18.12.2020
Astra-Zeneca, London 30.12.2020

Can you spot any similarities? There are even more than there are highlighted. What is so remarkable – clearly, as to be expected – that all charts share some common denominators and all contain the “substantial constellation building block” of a vaccine, ……

to be continued next week in Part 2 “The Vaccine Race – an Astrological comparison of the First Approved Covid Vaccines”

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