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Ohio Train Disaster – free content

A couple weeks ago a freight train from the Norfolk Southern Railway passed through the small Ohio town of East Palestine. According to different news outlets the train derailed and some of its freight cars caught fire. The chemical load started to leak and at the request of state officials emergency crews initiated a “controlled burn” with runoff chemicals, which released phosgene and hydrogen chloride. One of the gasses coming from the fire is Phosgene, which is the same gas that was used in WWI. Having contact with hydrogen chloride is, I believe, not by any means healthier since both of those gasses are described to be highly toxic and dangerous to life. 

The time of the derailment is reported to be around 08:54 PM, which creates a chart with Virgo AC with Mercury in Hs.4 – in short and simple terms – we are dealing with circumstances of life or the changeable in general. The abrupt and aggressive nature of the event gets its visual allegory with Mercury being aspected with Mars in Hs.9. It certainly emphasizes the sudden nature of the event as well being aspected with Moon reiterating the to the environment damaging nature of the “accident”. 

East Palestine, Ohio 03.02.2023

The Aquarius Sun (Sun-Uranus) in Hs.5 certainly gives it the “airy” theme of gasses – underlying telling us that the principle of life was hindered to come into existence adding to the toxic nature. Neptune, right at the DC, is aspected with Jupiter revealing the same kind of hindered timely content that is on open public display. 

The Jupiter-Neptune constellation is indicative of the fourth quadrant content to be negated. The point where Neptune is located on the Zodiac is known to deliver unconscious content. As well the point is known for chill paralysis, explaining quite well the reluctance by authorities to deal with the issue appropriately and immediately. It even allows speculation that it will have wider political consequences. It will be interesting if the public will confide in the long run with the officials focusing on the apparently outdated brake system of the train cars as the official explanation for the cause. I could see this issue even triggering other non accident related topics as well.

The Neptune (-Jupiter) right at the DC, the principle of life is getting into the public consciousness, but it is not the life donating side of Neptune – it carries a denied fourth quadrant into the present, which is expressed by the life annihilating character of the event –  we could even call it the dark side of heaven. And when you see the pictures of the cloud you can understand that it can not get more diabolical than that.

The MC of the chart, as the determinative for the chart, leads back to Mercury in Hs.4 – just emphasizing the life endangering theme of the chart. 

So far to the chart of the event – to make it a bit more interesting I add another chart to the event. The chart is a midday chart of August 31 of last year. It is from a totally different geographic area of the world, but in a “weird” way connected to the February Ohio event. 

Venice 31.08.2022

The inside of the chart is the actual midday chart of the day in Venice, Italy. The planets on the outside of the Zodiac are the planets at the moment of the train derailment in Ohio. Since the two dates are about six months apart from each other, some slower moving planets have not moved much, and in some cases (e.g.Pluto) are almost unchanged. In this case, the more “interesting” planets are the faster moving ones like e.g. Moon and Mars. As you can see – highlighted in blue – Mars and Sun are at a 90 degree angle to each other. Mars in this case is activating the Sun of the underlying chart of that day in Venice, Italy. 

You might wonder what is it about that day in August in Italy and what in the world has happened in Venice on that late summer August day that surfaces again on a wintery night in Ohio, USA, half around the world.

It is the day of the premiere of a movie at the Venice film festival that depicts basically exactly the same story, which would unfold half a year later in real life. Some excerpts from wikipedia of the above noted movie: “White Noise” which is streaming on Netflix: “lives are disrupted when a cataclysmic train accident casts a cloud of chemical waste over the town. This “Airborne Toxic Event” forces a massive evacuation, which leads to a major traffic jam on the highway. Jack drives to a gas station to refill his car, where he is inadvertently exposed to the cloud. The family and numerous others are forced into quarantine at a summer camp” – “However, since Jack was briefly exposed to the chemical waste, his fear of death becomes exacerbated” – and so the story carries on (not to spoil the end for whoever wants to watch it).

It is quite amazing that these two events are not only connected by content, even some of the participants are from the affected area and the set was in Ohio. It seems that the transiting Mars (at the time of the derailment) over the Sun of the premiere of the movie “White Noise” is triggering the real event. 

So is it the chicken or the egg, which was first? Clearly from a perspective of time the movie premiere is first and what should not be forgotten the AC of the day of the premiere offers a Scorpio AC with a completely enclosed Hs.12 – the “denied heaven”. The delivered Pluto is a real one (Hs.2). It almost seems to me that the movie content was not real enough for the constellation to come into time – so is it conceivable that the transiting Mars just activated the created cinemagraphic content, just to give it its real phenomenistic side? 

In a way the question and idea is almost leading back to last and next week’s superhero articles, since some of the cast members from “White Noise” are even living in the toxic cloud affected and evacuated area.

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21.02.2023 – as indicate above and it did not take long – as to be expected here comes the political outfall