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These days it will be hard to find someone, when they hear the title of this successful horror series, who does not immediately associate the title with  stiff walking corpses plaguing the streets. If you are like me and have not even seen one complete episode and only know a glimpse of an image or a sequence of the gruesome impressions, it will be hard to forget the disfigured and decaying faces. For the complete novice to that genre – Wikipedia comes up with a short description of the over 10 season running series – “Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma in a post-apocalyptic world where the undead, known as walkers, have taken over. Rick must fight for his survival to protect his family and friends while along the way he meets new allies and confronts enemies who try to take over communities”.

The title has always sparked my interest in taking a closer astrological look at the series. Particularly the recent turn of events has deepened my interest, so that I finally made the chart of the first day airing of this horror series.

“The Walking Dead”

The horoscope is “telling” and astrologically portrays what the initial story and all the following episodes entail. A Capricorn Ascendent with Saturn in Hs.9. – we are dealing with a notion of the determinative. The position, where Saturn is situated, is telling that the determinative is actually lost, which is revealed by the many bodies that have not experienced the limitation of time by experiencing death – that notion is reinforced by walking dead bodies. The Scorpio Sun gives everything in the series the necessary touch of death – actually, it is like hell coming to “life” or the underworld has risen and taken over the world.

Even more remarkable is the constellation of Sun-Venus (10.) / Neptune (2.), – Neptune dissolving the social fabric of Venus (a society in the process of decay and dissolvement of it) – and since Neptune is right at the cusp of Hs.2, it is also the body tissues that dissolves. The stark images of bloody, partially dismembered faces is clearly one of the hallmarks of this TV series. 

Mars’s “flight constellation” and gives it the necessary run away scheme – seemingly every short sequence I have seen, contains some sort of a flight situation or one where someone barely escaped the grasp of the dead. 

The series certainly had its impact – since the title of the series connects many with the same images – including me, who has never seen more than a short excerpt. To a sad degree, it is also an indicator of how much of an impact these images had on the viewership. The images have meanwhile found their way into unconscious most of us. The in Hs.12 located Pluto, as part of the unlived or subdued is indicating just that

Now comes the “amusing” twist: a rhythmic release of that very content (Pluto) is happening right now. We are currently passing on a timeline of that chart’s Pluto. Meaning, that the apocalyptic scenery is presently our deserted city streets and the hunt for the last living. The lifeless masses, seemingly, without immunity against any external control, have lost or are forced to give up their liveliness and independence by decree. The present governmental call for subordance and general compliance – sacrifice is Scorpio’s life elixir – is expressed in the robotic Lock step of the zombies. The price paid for so much devotion: the loss of individual expression – a dismembered face, in a state of decomposition. 

Another giveaway, the dead walking corpses are called the “Walkers”. Just another indicator of the in parts truthful displayed content. Since the marching, seemingly constant walking bodies can be seen as a metaphor for the soulless masses that lack any viable connection to their own, personal source (Moon). Being disconnected from the source equals being without place. Like an empty shell, just as a meaningless execution of appearance, in the search for life, walking aimlessly and longing vampire-like for the blood of others. 

The zombie scenes of “The Walking Dead” graphically resemble what has meanwhile unfolded all around us and is sadly enough by many already accepted as the new normal. Even worse, the hunt for the last living is finding its fitting parallel in today’s world with people reporting neighbors for non-compliance and getting them fined. I don’t even like to add the image of the mass jabbing to the equation.

I have mentioned before – Pluto’s (Scorpio’s) projective abilities to alter the present. Since the content of time of the “Walking Dead” is obviously connected with our present, the question that comes up – did one enable the other or did the horror series with its imaginary projection already foretell what was about to come? 

The chart of “The Walking Dead” and the present encounter with the chart’s Pluto makes the case even more compelling and vividly demonstrates how suppressed life leaves its visual marks. The present mask wearing public expresses a similar kind of time content.

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