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Apparently, an internal leak in the US supreme court has rekindled the discussion about abortion and abortion rights – and weirdly enough that not just in the United States, even here, north of the 49th parrallel the topic quickly made headlines and political parties quickly had to reiterate their position on the question of the legality of abortion. The entire story about a leak sounds too well timed ahead of midterm elections to not be just coincidental. The abortion discussion washing up again on the shores of all sorts of media platforms certainly helps to solidify the present governments on both sides of the border, since both reigning parties do not really enjoy huge popularity right now. So, a little help to exploit an old and well experienced subject to try to boost popularity and create some uncomfortable discussions for the conservative opposition could be the reason for the “leak”.

To stay clear of any political party agenda I thought to choose a subject related to the discussion. The entire supreme court story has overshadowed the birthday of “the pill”. Approved in 1960 by the FDA, the pill is certainly a product that has undoubtedly and profoundly changed many generations of women, parts of societies their sexual behavior, and has in many countries reset the way how men and women interact. 

By now it is estimated that about 8% of women worldwide are taking the pill. The overall perceived benefits of a drug, that allows a sexual encounter without the risk of pregnancy has over the decades silenced many of its previously stern critiques. Contrary to abortion, the pill meanwhile enjoys a wide public acceptance and its use does not stir up as much controversy as it used to. As the base of the chart I have used the day of the FDA approval of the first contraceptive pill submitted by the G.D. Searle and Company. The approval was granted on May 9, 1960.

Reading the chart – it is best to start with the Leo AC, since we are dealing with questions of life or the expression of it. The AC is known to be a Mercury-Uranus degree – the “regulated origin”.

On one side from the AC, the first house containing Pluto, which originates from a Scorpio Hs.4 – the house of reception – giving it the starry composition an undertone of an Moon-Pluto, reiterated and emphasized as well through a “real” Moon-Pluto constellation (Hs.3 to Hs.1) – known to be the constellation for a pregnancy or a denied pregnancy. In this case, we are dealing with pregnancy since both planets are located in the first quadrant. The hormones of the pill, the contraceptive, put the female body in a quasi state of pregnancy to avoid ovulation.   

Almost in a way opposite to this first quadrant movement, in Hs.12, an entrapped Uranus almost reveals the entire content of time of the chart right from the starting point – a lost origin or source, coming from the Aquarius DC – translating into “the awareness of the origin” that is sunken into the subconscious and subsequently is not experienced nor has a chance or is “allowed” to come to life

In a way, the hindered or denied constellation of reception is reflected in Hs.4 (Scorpio), and via Pluto is transporting its content right into Hs.1 – putting the two way points in Hs.12 and Hs.1 together – one with the content of a denied origin, the other, offering the energetic potential of a (denied) pregnancy.

Completing the picture is Venus-Sun, which by the degree on the zodiac is Sun-Pluto aspected – “captured life”. The Venus-Mercury in Hs.9 – pointing to a situation with “no territory”, and what does not have territory subsequently does not result in life. So a clear denial of life is even indicated in the house that is home to the Greek goddesses (Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos) of destiny. 

Clearly, the chart confirms that the pill achieves a state of pregnancy, it actually delivers that kind of content. However, since the life initiating Uranus is missing and locked up in Hs.12, it is just a false pregnancy that never had access to Uranus and never got fertilized

All this is certainly not new, it is just nice to see that the quality of time of the day of approval already does tell us this. 

Does the pill differ from abortion? Certainly it does, at least on a physical level, it is not a form of terminating an organic (physical) body.

The process the pill delivers denies Uranus with its creating forces to be present in the world, but it does not physically kill an organism; to a degree, it replaces the process of allowing time to develop. So to speak – “be the creator by negating creation” – which is a process that is so synonymous to our time and representative of the still prevailing present perception of the world. In that sense, the pill is just one part of an expression of our present modern society and its mindset towards life in general.

Looking into this chart I thought it might be worth checking and comparing “the Pill” to “the morning after pill”, which should certainly give a different, more physical denial of the origin. Clearly, the two should differ in the aspect that the denial of life is to be seen in a more physical context.

See second part – “The morning after pill” – next week