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THE UPCOMING CONATMINATION of the PACIFIC – Fukushima, Japan – free content

On Friday afternoon, March 11, 2011, a powerful 9.0 earthquake shook the east coast of Japan. It caused Japan to move a few meters east and the local coastline subsided half a meter. The 15-20 meter tsunami that followed inundated about 560 sq km and resulted in a human death toll of about 19,000 and much damage to coastal ports and towns, with over one million buildings destroyed or partly collapsed. 

Youtube stored a number of bone chilling videos of that tragic day, where the ocean came to “visit” the Land of the Rising Sun. In its way, the Tepco owned Daiichi Nuclear Power plant, which was partially submerged by the wave. As a result, 12 of the 13 backup power generators were lost. The loss of the backup system subsequently led to overheating of the cooling system, a triple meltdown of the reactor, and leakage of radioactive coolant into the Pacific. More than 9 years after the incident, radioactive water is still leaking into the Pacific Ocean. Tepco, the owner of the site, has meanwhile built more than 1000 tanks to hold more than one million tons of highly radioactive liquids. By 2022, the company will run out of storage space and will most likely start to release the stored toxic waste into the Pacific.

March 11, 2011 Fukushima, Daiichi, Japan

Here is the chart of the tragic day – the time is about an hour after the earthquake occurred and the tsunami hit the coastal section, where the now decommissioned Daiichi plant is located. The two main axes AC and MC lay the groundwork for what is about to unfold. The point on the Zodiac where the AC is positioned, signifies that something will be widespread (the news, images and the actual outfall) and the result (MC) that will be delivered is an encounter with the finite/death. The Sun indicates where the stage is set and where it will unfold. In this chart, the Sun is in house 7, clearly indicating that it will be a publicly recognized event. Since the house (7) is ruled by Pisces (its planet Neptune in the same house), Neptune, the sea, is what is what appears in the common conscience. The forceful and abrupt appearance (of the wave) is even more so accentuated by Mars (energy), which is enclosed in the same house. Another element to the picture is added by Pluto-Mercury. This constellation tells us that Neptun, the effective truth, has been negated and at that point, life is suffocated and can no longer occur. The only reminiscent part that is left of that time content – being subjected to conditions – is the radioactivity, which still persists up to this day, altering all forms of life in the greater area of Daiichi. 

Up to now, to prevent that content from spreading any further, Tepco set up the thousand tanks holding the life altering, lethal substances. At the beginning of the year 2022, Neptune will transit over the Sun of the chart, aspecting it with Pluto (the tanks/containers) at 90 degrees. It seems likely that Tepco will follow through with their plans to release the liquid death into the Pacific. 

Last year, Tepco was forced to admit that their applied efforts had failed and confirmed that levels of several long-lived, cancerous isotopes were still present in the stored water. Its levels were more than 100 times the legally permitted levels

The denied, unlived, effective truth of the Japanese will from then on “radiate” the Pacific, altering forms of life and affecting everything around it. Similar to the described findings in my “Covid-19 greetings from the past” article. Eventually it will impact life on several continents and contaminate the food chain of the many creatures and people that depend on the Pacific. 

Daiichi is a classic example of technology described by Georg Friedrich Juenger (The failure of Technology) – “Since even the smallest mechanical process consumes more energy than it produces, how could the sum of all these processes create abundance? There can be no talk of riches produced by technology. What really happens is rather a steady, forever growing consumption. It is a ruthless destruction, the like of which the earth has never before seen. A more and more ruthless destruction of resources is the characteristic of our technology. Only by this destruction can it exist and spread.” 

Any technology sustained and based society, or any consumer of those goods, should be aware that they are a part of this destructive process.

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21.02.2021 – we are inching closer, here an update on the situation – https://apnews.com/article/water-leaks-fukushima-new-damage-a7ecf765d0233b1cad7332ff9fed5ffe

05.09.2021 – Tepco is obviously thinking about new ways to dump the radioactive load into the Pacific – so no one can see it – https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/japan-plans-build-undersea-tunnel-help-dump-radioactive-water-fukushima-pacific


27.08.2023 after the physical fallout that happens already nor for some time – the political fallout and ecological disaster starts – the Canadian Government so far says there will be no danger for health and environment for Canada – since they see us to eat crickets and bugs in the future that actually might be true, actually helping the sales pitch