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Last week, I heard first hand from the owner of a local funeral home that at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, many funeral services ordered way over their average demand, coffins and caskets. Once hospitals cancelled all scheduled surgeries and treatments, to have space and beds for potential Covid patients, it appeared that the number of casket sales (equates deaths) collapsed to almost half (!!!) – despite the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

For that funeral home, those unusually low numbers stayed consistent until some weeks ago, when local hospitals slowly reverted back to “normal” operations and were accepting patients for surgeries and treatments again. Since then the numbers seem to have gone up again, close to the before Covid or “normal” level.

It strikes me as rather odd, that in the time of a pandemic, where hospitals were ordered to be open only for emergencies, the number of deceased decreased by almost by half. A point that could be made is that reduced motor vehicle traffic, while quarantine had an impact on those numbers as well. However, it cannot be ignored that motor vehicle related deaths account for approximately 1% of mortalities in the province of BC. 

Comparable situations of partly closed hospital services, in relation to  mortality rate, are hard to come by, as they rarely happen. Yet, the US library of medicine offers a find. A doctors’ strike in Israel produced almost similar numbers – in some areas of Israel the mortality rate sunk to almost half (!!). In that time period, hospitals only offered emergency services and doctors were not available. 

The possible conclusion that can be drawn from that data is quite troubling. 

To a degree it is plausible that the worldwide 9-10 trillion dollar healthcare industry, with its arsenal of chemical medications and applications obviously does not just cure. One could almost get the impression that when hospitals close …. less people die.

I believe the group that has to worry the least in this whole episode are funeral homes. Their future sales of coffins and caskets is secured, either with back to normal “health care services”, Covid, or no Covid.

Articles in the “Off the Charts” section may be unrelated to astrology. At the time of writing the article I was not able to access the latest provincial mortality rate to confirm the significant change.

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