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The latest numbers up, the death rate slightly mounting, countermeasures – rising, Covid fatigue – rising, number of people losing livelihoods –  rising, and according to the WHO there will not be an end, even after the arrival of the vaccine. After 9/11, the virus is most likely the media story and the global spin of this fairly young century. It seems the world has turned crazy and the opted route of response and how to counter the virus to avoid a resulting health crisis has gone into overdrive. The main casualties in all this are: truth and basic human rights.

Good luck if you try to get a balanced opinion on the matter. Anything that does not fit the official storyline is debunked as unscientific, not worthy of mentioning nor even discussing. Even worse, doctors, healthcare professionals, epidemiologists, and biologists who dare to speak against the health doctrine maintained by officials, governments and especially the media, are silenced, shunned, or muzzled (like all of us). We have reached a state where this system of “science” is slowly starting to give up on evidence and research based findings and is displaying a more and more dictatorship-like behavior.

Results of studies that do not fit the narrative are simply ignored, erased or banned. Any opposing, even science based opinion is eradicated, signalling that we are no longer dealing with a healthy equilibrium of forces, facts, and findings. The way the public opinion is swayed and manipulated, has characteristics that seem to resemble the well crafted propaganda machine the National Socialists in the thirties displayed in prewar Germany – this time just on a global scale. And if history can be a guide, you can already guess where that road will lead us.

this interview surprisingly has so far survived the censorship – let’s see how long it will be up

Before science only applied those tactics to anything diametrical to it – now, and that is new – it works with the same destructive forces against their own. You could almost see it as an act of internal party cleansing. Anyone out of their rank who dares to oppose or try to start an evidence based discussion against the propaganda portrayed “facts” is silenced or not listened to. Naming it the inquisition of modern times would definitely be fitting.

There is a rift opening within the body of “modern apparatus medicine” – who does not obey gets court-martialed, silenced, and finished off by media outlets or the suffocating tentacles of the different social media platforms. 

I personally enjoy the show on display, since there is a chance that it will open up an opportunity to nourish an ever growing mistrust and movement against the modern medical industrial complex, which will be a prerequisite for a real change. (By the end of the year I will start a sequence of articles about that upcoming change).

The system can only survive if it can expand and grow further and feed off our lives. It cannot halt, since a stop would mean death for it and that’s why many already “know” and sense that masks are just the herald for forced vaccinations that will follow after. 

Once that cycle has completed – meaning all the possible billions are made from Covid-19 – and has set a precedence for any further similar model, the industry will certainly not miss to initiate the next cycle right after, how about Covid-21 or 22. As I have written before, the WHO conveniently changed the definition for a pandemic to facilitate that kind of business behaviour.

The business with the threat of death is not new and has always been a safe one – in that point medicine and politics do not differ that much. Be it in prewar Germany in the thirties or these present days on a global scale – if those two show up together, hand-in-hand, it should be highly concerning for the affected population.

Concerning as well is the language that comes with it – here just some quotes on a more local level, but the core of the tone can easily be applied to other geographical areas and the respective representatives. 

In British Columbia we have a Provincial Health officer that has already in early Covid days received worldwide praise for her “well measured approach and management of the Covid crisis.” The initial approach was to flatten the curve and keep the hospitals at manageable levels to avoid a breakdown of the health care system. “Be kind to each other,” were her words and advice at the beginning – easy to say for someone who gets their pay from Government coffers. The self employed that I know could not see it with that same ease, some of them have meanwhile lost their businesses, livelihoods, and life savings. They are understandably not able to share the “be kind” message anymore.    

After implementing to wear masks in indoors spaces last week, that same health care officer announced that she does not care about people complaining about the infringement of personal rights or health related issues when they have to wear a mask by decree. She stated wearing a mask is a matter of respect (?).

I wonder about her respect towards those business owners whose taxes were (are) paying her salary when she deprived them of their lives bounty by shutting them down with a stroke of her pen, putting them into the poorhouse for retirement. It would be to a degree understandable if we would not know any better. But the world has shown that these homemade economic Covid crises can be handled quite differently. Fortunately, there is one country that escaped the synchronized, ill fated response mechanism that is on worldwide display. Sweden, a country that never locked or shut down and was forecasted by medical expert critiques to experience more than 60.000 Covid deaths albeit by now reports up to 6.600. They never had to shut down businesses and only experienced a very mild recession. 

Instead of accepting the facts and stats that prove that the chosen way of lock-downs and mask wearing is not a way leading out of this self induced crisis, this Health officer, like the many of her colleagues, has chosen the road of economic suicide for their territories. Or are they unknowingly used as henchmen, or are they forerunners for a new political landscape? 

No matter how – everyone knows being on the accelerator and breaking at the same time, meaning the jojo of reopening an economy and locking it down again, just does work so many times. It creates friction and heat and we will see when that energy is released and how the outcome will be. 

Sheep tend to perceive the shepherd as their protector and feeding hand. That trust usually lasts right to the day when the slaughterhouse’s truck shows up.

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05.12.2020 – Did not take long – the system does not even try to hide its plan anymore – in baby steps, but gradually … following the motto “on the way to a dystopian future” or perhaps more like the late Leonard Cohen song – “You want to have it darker”here the Canadian Chief Medical Officer Dr. Williams about to announce the Covid override over basic rights granted by the Canadian charter of rights – or more out of the playbook “how to create second class citizens and still pretend to be libertarian” – welcome to a crisis made to last

19.12.2020 here is an article that demonstrates the “virus number accelerator and break mechanism” quite nicely- sanctioned off now by the WHO – https://off-guardian.org/2020/12/18/who-finally-admits-pcr-tests-create-false-positives/

20.12.2020 sure why not – here is the another new scare in town since the old one has it “remedy” – the gift that keeps on giving – new look downs, new restriction – https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/britain-uk-coronavirus-mutation-strain-spread-covid-19-1.5848800 – it will not be the last, every week or month there will be now a new angle to this, until …

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