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This week I received an email with a link to a short Youtube video – “David Icke On WHO They Are and WHAT They Really Want”. Somehow the name sounded familiar and even if I have never explored his ideas nor read any of his books, nor meanwhile share many points of his view, it might be worth watching the clip. The short excerpt below the video description reads: “David Icke speaks on the true agenda of the cult, who they are, what they want and why 2030 is an important year. He also tells us exactly how we can stop them.” What particularly lured me to watch the video was that it is connected to AI and technological singularity. Mr. Icke is clearly picking up a subject that is close to my heart and is reflected in articles I write. 

His video is obviously taking a different approach of explaining the same process – it is just that I find the offered reasoning of the root cause a bit simplistic. Before dwelling and looking into some – at least from my point of view – misguided interpretations of the matter, I’d suggest that you watch the video first, so you can form your own opinion.

David Icke “On who they are and what they really want” – Youtube

After watching the video I believe viewers can a agree on the plot – “Evil is against humanity – ancient secret organizations /cults are using technology to condense power in the hand of a few to subdue the rest of the population – since all is only possible because “they” are manipulating human senses – the only answer to free ourselves from this evil is unconditional LOVE”. 

Parts of the video contain valid points, for instance pointing out which groups are running “the show”. With other points I beg to differ. It is not that I think that some of David Icke’s ideas are not worth examining closer, but what strikes me most is his very dualistic based view on the matter and to a degree the missed opportunity “to mark the beast”.

For instance, hinting to groups and certain organizations that deliberately instigate the – from his point well described process – is flawed. The approach to explain, or to a degree accuse certain people of conspiring against the masses makes, from the world that he calls, the “outside reality”, complete sense, but he misses the point and forgets that he himself with his own statements has put himself into the same “boat of outside reality”. He puts himself with his point of view on a clear collision course with these entities since his arguments are still based in what he calls “outside reality”.  

His call for clearance and conscience of the matter, that I’d wholeheartedly like to support, is misguided. In my astrological understanding or aristotle terms his reasoning does not leave the first quadrant – the material cause, which can only end in a dualistic explanation/confrontation, which will never be able to resolve the matter nor create conscience.

Mr.Icke certainly makes a valid case for what we can see is only a very small fraction of what there is. To a degree, he is finding different words to explain the Causa Materialis, which I would like to thank him for. 

I clearly would support his thesis that the stated forces that are at the center of this malicious process are conscious of the process and that it is – a cult. But it is not the individuals that run the cult, who own that infinite wisdom and power to enslave us, it is predominantly all of us that feed that process and hand over the power voluntarily to the ones that manage and exploit it. 

It is not the “spyder” that is having the sole power to do all that. If you research the matter a bit you can easily get to David Icke’s conclusion and perceive these groups of doom or cult as its ultimate source, but it’s not. (see Pluto article) Some leaders of these groups are most likely aware of the process. To a certain extent, they might be even aware that the process is almost unstoppable – it is bigger than their organizations. They get power by putting themselves in front of the cart of the process. The underlying process is detached from these groups, to a degree it is autonomous, even if they like to demonstrate it differently, especially to their lower grade servants and believers (or for that matter their critics, like Mr. Icke).

Some of the articles on this website explain how the process works and that it is ultimately us (all) that feed the most likely inevitable, we all are spinning the wheels and using that technology which in the end will have measured and sized us up, only to categorize, use and exploit us. Ultimately we all will have to pay for having created that process which will end with the loss of our individuality and life. For hundreds of years we have commonly engaged to go down this path, which by now has created many dire consequences. Sadly enough, even for the ones that are not directly engaged in the process or getting any benefits of it. 

A short explanation – David Icke states that the “network of that global cult” wants to assimilate humanity with technology for the sake of gaining power over the masses. I recently heard someone on the radio saying that we are already to a degree humanoids. The explanation was that we have taken a considerable step in the process to be a humanoid just by using the cell phone. That person made the point that our social interaction with others is increasingly computerized. Finding the hub of it all right in our hands is perceived as so convenient that cell phones already appear to be a part of our bodies. I agree. If we look around us, it seems that meanwhile cell phones are inseparable from us. 

I’d like to add a bit more to it. That same technology has even advanced further into peoples heads/ears (wireless earbuds) seemingly creeping under our skin. Soon smart glasses will manipulate our vision. In the medical field technology is already subcutaneously controlling insulin levels or controlling other bodily functions.  

It seems that people who perceive themselves as more technological advanced have “invited“ technology to be part of their body and so the story goes … . It is easy to predict; technology will gradually creep deeper under our skins and soon it will be analysing and controlling our neural pathways.

A research team in Florida has meanwhile successfully connected the brain with a microprocessor that can execute functions in a mechanized hand of a disabled. Machine and human melting into one. No cult here, no group, no secret society forcing us to use all that technology, all “voluntary”. Be it excused with perceived need or ignorance to the question, at the end of this road, we are enabling the controllers to increasingly gain power and control of these buttons.

It is just with that, that our individual freedom is rendered – at that point no one else to blame other than ourselves. So, we should not lament nor point fingers – you, we are all part of the problem and could be, if we become aware of the process, be the solution. 

Nonetheless I’d like to thank David Icke for the contribution and trying to create conscience, but next time just take the bull by the horns, even if holding a mirror in front of your readers does not sell well.

If you are interested – here is a different take on the same matter, just without secret cults as the root cause and a slightly different conclusion :).

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