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QAnon – an internet phenomenon which has gone viral and political. Inspired by a radio documentary on CBC about QAnon, I was wondering if there would be a day and time of the first online posting. The various internet sources seem to agree the first day something was posted with the connection to the – up to this day still anonymous – source of “information”, was 28.10.2017 on 4chan, an image board website. After that, the pseudonymous alias and its augural notices and announcements made the rounds on the internet and in some cases have reached cult like levels. 

The content of the announcement was usually of political nature and many of them are leaning towards the Trump administration with an idea of cleaning up the Deep State and with the Clintons. Depending on the content of those short-scripted messages, readers were making assumptions that the author of those info drops could be a high ranking secret agent, a person in the US administration, or at some point even Trump himself. Up to this day, Q drops still seem to excite followers. 

Some years ago, I followed some of the by QAnon made “predictions” and, at least the ones I picked up, did not unfold in the way they were announced. I lost further interest in following these info drops as there was no real name connected to it. Lately I had the impression that it got a bit silent around the Q-files, but a recently aired CBC QAnon documentary refreshed my interest. Some articles written about QAnon were stating that the decline in interest was due to the fact that the specific dates in his predictions did not substantialize.

I would have preferred an exact time of the posting, but as unable to obtain a specific time, I created a day chart of the first appearance of Qanon on 4chan – “Calm before the storm” – from where the story was apparently picked up by some alternative news channels and developed into what we know today about QAnon.

The chart has a Capricorn AC – we are dealing with a determinative content, with the according planet in H.12 – that content is sunken into the sea of unconsciousness, meaning it is not present. In a way fitting, as the entire movement claims that the government is ruled by a secretive organization – the Deep State – so the powers that govern it are hidden.  

Pluto right in H.1 already allows a first impression that something is deliberately been “planted” or seeded. Because it is a midday chart – execution and outcome are to a degree similar. The Scorpio Sun (with Jupiter) is well aspected to carry the content – in this case, an idea of that sunken determinative (sunken State) is brought into the appearance and achieves widespread recognition. The origin clearly comes from someone who maintains the understanding that the territory (State) is dissolving (different aspects of Venus) – but “sits on two sides of the fence”, which would allow the idea that the author is somehow affiliated with the system. House 3, where we can see how the content of time is conveyed or articulated indicates that we are dealing with what is described as a “Dream mixed with reality” – so we should not expect consistent accuracy from that source. 

The DC, which is connected to the appearance, reveals that the content is on public display and is achieving emotional independence. Again, proving to some degree correct, since it certainly has “woken-up” some people, making them more aware that the government is not only run by people with altruistic ideas. 

That is, it from my end of the chart – I’d prefer to stay unbiased on the case since it is highly political and dismissed by mainstream media as conspiracy. But let’s put the question back to these media outlets – who control the daily narrative of news. Lately it became blatantly obvious how news is censored and are only reported if they deem the event to be “newsworthy”. For good reason, three representatives of online media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google) were pulled into Senate hearings some days ago where they were accused of selective censorship. 

Truth is hard to come by these days and we can be certain that the news we hear and see are not news – they are simply propaganda. Claiming that all other content, which is not covered or not allowed to be covered by the main networks, is simply conspiracy just shows that they themselves have lost the respect to be seen as trustworthy outlets anymore. Declining viewer- readership is just proof that more and more people sense and know that something is not covered by the main outlets. Subsequently, it is quite understandable that people look for alternative sources and opinions. Clearly, branding other news as “conspiracy” is just the last attempt to rescue perceived credibility and trying to manifest their monopoly. 

According to Wikipedia – “The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is itself the subject of a conspiracy theory, which claims the term was popularized by agents of the United States CIA in order to discredit conspiratorial believers, particularly critics of the Warren Commission (Kennedy assassination), by making them a target of ridicule.” So obviously, mainstream media found the pages of that playbook and is using the strategy with their competitors.

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And if you have not read it – a recommended read in that context – “Trance formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien / Mark Philips