"Off the charts"

COVID – The Actual Virus Lives On

In early 2020 I wrote numerous articles about Covid. One was a four part series of articles “Covid greetings from the past” trying to get to the origin of the virus. The set of articles used historic charts that are anchored in the annual chart of the appearance of the virus. All of them stem from key Chinese historical events that, after examination, have proven to have intricate timely connections between each other and are also connected to the time of the appearance of the virus. 

In light of recent political events the drawn conclusion from these articles is more fitting than it seemed in the early days before a worldwide madness ensued. Going back to the articles I find much of it has proven to be correct, even if some might find the origin as a quite absurd connection, yet the drawn conclusions still prove to be accurate. 

The conclusions of these articles fit well with the leaked Canadian Globe and Mail story entailing the Chinese Communist Party aiding the presently governing Liberal Party of Canada. The Toronto newspaper had gained access to a Canadian secret service document that laid out the fact that the Communist Chinese Party had interfered with Canadian elections, and helped the governing Liberal party to stay in power. 

An excerpt from the Niagara Independent quotes that: “CSIS was tracking a “sophisticated political strategy” employed by the CCP that would ensure the re-election of a Liberal government and the defeat of Conservative politicians who were critical of Beijing, its human rights abuses and its threats to global safety and security.” 

Clearly, that does not sit well for the present Liberal government. It demonstrates and proves the conclusion of my article in 2020, which outlined that the virus would cause a “socio-political-economic infection” particularly in the West. 

Mirroring the Liberal government, the news also did not sit too well with one of the executives of the Canadian secret service (CSIS) either; being interviewed on CBC she expressed being more concerned about who leaked the story, rather than the fact that CSIS consciously knows of this information yet did not alert the public. Is the Canadian public paying CSIS to keep things secret (after all it is the secret service, what else to expect, keep it secret !?), or what is their actual job and mandate? It does appear to me that protecting the political integrity and the “democratic” system of the country who finances them, is certainly not their highest priority.

Another development that has gained momentum over the corona years is the rise of the WOKE movement and lingo which fits right into a certain effort to reeducate, infiltrate and make Canadians comfortable with (future) communist ideals. Therefore it is to no surprise that Canada appears to be under Chinese influence, as the highest political level is now spearheading the movement on all fronts; a certain language requirement is now even backed by law, which I refer to in my article as the “muzzle”. Everyone that knows a bit of history knows too well that totalitarianism starts when language is manipulated and enforced by the government. In the present “Liberal Canada” one can now be prosecuted for exercising free speech

Or how about the story around TikTok, a Chinese app that is capable of tracking every motion and conversation of North Americans and is most likely capable of way more than that. Only some politicians seem to still possess some sort of immune response and are not present on the platform anymore and have subsequently removed it from the phones. And in a sly move the Canadian government tried to demonstrate prowess and forbade TikTok on Government phones, wow, what a vaccination move that is! The question still remains: what 16 year old has a Governmental phone?

Or how about the story that the Chinese Communist Party maintains police stations in North America, a story hard to believe, and again since it is a secret outbreak of the virus, only the Secret Services knows about it and does … not do a thing.  

And it is not just here, north of the 49th parallel, our southern neighbor seems to be busy with just the same phenomenon. Governmental agencies and private companies alike are carriers of the same virus. Reading about the state’s executed control over social media companies like Twitter and almost all MSM news outlets gives a pretty dire picture of the affected parts of society.

The story is almost similar to the one in Canada – in the US, the head of the State himself and his family are affected with the virus. His very own son seems to have groomed very questionable infectious business connections to party representatives and industrial leaders of the middle empire for his family’s advantage. Weirdly enough though, but not surprising at all, the story never got the attention that it deserves. Is it possible that all of the writing guild, an army of MSM minions, that should have been watching over its State affairs, are “infected,” and on a viral mental leave as well? Shouldn’t they be the ones that keep their intellectual immune system groomed and in good shape to counter attacks of that sort?

And how about Europe – here the virus is raging in the highest European Governmental circles. Brussels seems to be affected particularly hard lately. And in an interesting way the virus appears to be very virulent especially between unelected public representatives of the European Commission. Weirdly enough, the further one goes down the pecking order or the so called food chain, the better the immunity seems to be. 

A telling twist to the story is that up to this day, the Chinese government is refusing to buy Western manufactured mRna vaccines. That alone should be enough truth to know what keeps us infected, and bars us from our own immune system to react in a healthy manner to the above mentioned deplorable state of affairs.

Good that all of us are now vaccinated and so immune. The question is only – immune to what kind of virus? Since the actual “virus” still is raging. 

P.S. The above will not surprise the one who really understands how mRna vaccines work, since the above executions of appearances are simply just mirroring what these vaccines do with our immune system; and why should it be any different – “on the inside like on the outside” – “above as below”.

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