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The old saying “Socialize losses and privatize profits” still fits the present day narrative; actually, it even seems to be applied to all sorts of fields. Starting at the top with large entities like entire countries and their respective political orientation right down to small local business projects there is hardly any new enterprise or organization that can risk escaping the narrative of “sharing”. There are hardly any startups these days that can afford not to advertise its “beneficial social aspect or value” without risking losing social media brownie points and putting the potential future of their venture in peril. Some company descriptions sound almost out a communist manifesto rather than a well calculated, for profit orientated business. Be assured it is not you – it is profit or a gain of power that is the well calculated driver. 

The phenomena is not isolated to just one part of the world; like its cause, it is international and does not stop at borders. The made promises will not lead to the land of plenty, which is getting to be very obvious lately. The benefits almost seem to be reserved only for a handful of billionaires. Just a fool can believe the by industry or politicians promised benefits of this greater development will enrich the poor. Nothing here is made or even intended to distribute wealth, power, and prosperity to the lower caste. Be it an enterprise that offers you a bike on a shared basis or a political movement that promises a base income for everyone – there is and will be no attainable equality, even if we switch to a communist system, e.g. China. Right now China even has outpaced the US in the number of millionaires and possibly soon billionaires. The rest of the population seems to be left with the crumbs that either economic booms or busts create. Not even talking about the oh-so important reduction of climate damaging emissions. While the masses will have to pay for their communal “climate change” action plans by either being taxed to death or entirely cut out of any sort and form of “carbon” causing activity. The upper class has even now increased the size of their first class chairs, because of social distancing (!?); or they jump right away on their own jets, powered by the use of the so very green carbon offsetting fuels, while the average person will soon not be allowed to travel anymore, because of your so damaging carbon footprint.

The masses get poorer and the rich richer, none of that is new. And wasn’t it Marx that wrote that at the end, before their collapse, the capitalist era societies will almost mirror communist societies in regards to the relationship and % of elites to the masses. If you compare China and the US right now – the gap of differences between these two countries is closing rapidly, even if they are apparently completely different systems.

I guess it does not take much to understand that the late economic model is broken and only works for a few. Wealth seems to accumulate more and more in the hands of a few. While billionaires grow their wealth in leaps and bounds the masses keep busy and are taught to develop a fuzzy warm, “be good feeling” about sharing bikes, cars, even co-living solutions or doing anything that God forbids creates emissions. Stay home and watch TV so the elite can burn up what you save. The distance and division between these two worlds does not even find comparables to the roaring twenties of the last century. It is unprecedented and only made possible by a reckless agenda of a privatized money creating systems that promotes wealth through borderless trade, that in the end benefits only big conglomerates and their shareholders and has over the decades decimated uncounted small family owned businesses. The latest “pandemic” even accelerated the pace. I know what the critics will say – I’m familiar with their arguments, but the carousel of international companies moving every 3 to 5 years to cheaper production places and labor forces, just to exploit, sometimes just by the margin of some pennies, does not create the wealth it claims to create. Aside from leaving many of the workforce stranded, once those production facilities have moved on, a trail of destruction will be left behind – socially and environmentally. The longing for a socially, more balanced society and “social justice” is coming from here, where the modern peon is left without basis nor an independent source of income.

And it is here where the political party sticky tape traps try to catch the poor man’s vote. Ideas like guaranteed income or for instance, unlimited free healthcare, without the necessity of the person taking their health matters in their own hands, sound like we already have arrived in the land of plenty for everyone. Certainly, with Covid money spigots at full capacity, producing staggering numbers of debt and the convenient blanketed pandemic excuse, which cloakes many irrational means, a lot has gone to the wayside, and with that, the next stop might as well be Utopia. 

With the present economic forces and models at play, employment is increasingly temporary and the carousel is picking up speed. Even if members of Unions and labor organizations like to believe their leaders that their social cohorts will stem the tide of time, the trend is unstoppable and the technological advancements will soon mechanize almost any workplace. Robotics and AI are already the shores where businesses, in order to compete, have set up shop. The international Amazon’s with highly automated processes will leave the rest of their competitors, that possibly still put value in human resources and even employ them, in the dust. 

The desire of the individual to find center and place in all this is more than understandable. The process is clearly anti-human, tragic and antisocial, and seemingly irreversible. And since it is antisocial in its core, it has to camouflage itself and proclaim to be what it’s not. The process has singled out the individual, made them susceptible, vulnerable and open to be influenced and manipulated. The hordes of day labour nomads, migrants or the increasingly moving workforce are just examples for those modern kinds of individuals finding social solace mainly in artificial communities. Increasingly, many are without traditional connection to land and place where they reside, lacking the experience and partake in healthy communities with societal warmth. 

As execution of an appearance the government and market offers twisted ways of artificial societies that instill community and belonging. Best of all, the governments have meanwhile elected themselves as judges and enforcers over what is deemed “socially acceptable behavior”. People that do not agree with imposed pandemic restrictions are already shunned and called potential murders. China is seemingly leading the pack and implementing a social credit system that determines future societal privileges for the individual. Your societal future standing might be determined if you have picked up after your dog and will decide if you are allowed to use a high speed train or buy a plane ticket. 

The process has many forms of appearances, but in its core it is a development that lacks center and independence. Two main ingredients for a healthy and balanced society. If State and business men have to tell people how to behave and bureaucrats as well as politicians feel that they are the new behavior apostles and industry doctors armed with military powers to call for curfews and the powers to clip basic human rights – it gets quite obvious that we are not a functioning, balanced community anymore. The state has risen above the people, it is not the people anymore that rule and determine its values and direction. With that its democratic basis has been lost, any social expression the state will exhibit, if it ever had one, will morphe into a mere empty life consuming execution of an appearance. So we all do not have to act surprised if real communities are on the list of extinction and with them all of our personal freedoms and rights are on the chopping block.

But relax and get used to your roasted grasshopper and crunchy cockroach dinner, that we will all soon be eating, just to save the planet and all the ones around you – the Bill’s, the Warren’s and the Jeff’s won’t even notice your grudge since they will enjoy a good, juicy free range steak and quite frankly do not give a damn about you nor the earth.

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