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For avid movie lovers this movie has most likely passed its shelf life, but I find the title as well as the subject intriguing. For quite some time I intended to have a chart of the premiere of the movie and explore a bit the content of time of the almost 10-year-old cinematographic production. 

The plot of the story unfolds in the year 2169 portraying a society whose universal currency is time. Time can be traded and / or passed onto another person. Starting with the age of 25, a one-year countdown begins displayed on your forearm, where you can always see and check someone’s remaining time. Basically, the race to gain more time starts with that age and depending how much you earn (time), you extend your lifespan. Wealth is expressed through possession of time and to give it a more socio-political angle, the protagonist Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, gets accused of killing someone for time. A chase ensues until at the end where he intends to rob one of the “richest” people, who is in possession of more than a million years of lifetime.

The movie premiered for the first time on 20.Oct. 2011 in Westwood, California and in lieu of an exact start time I opted again for a midday chart. 

A Capricorn AC with Saturn in Hs.9 already sets the stage – we are dealing with a contemplation of a “Quality of Time” related notion. The underlying constellation and aspect of the Sun with Sun-Saturn places even more emphasis on that context and explains why even a lawsuit was filed some weeks before the movie premiered. Apparently, attorneys of the fiction writer Harlan Ellison claimed that the film’s plot was based on his 1965 short story “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman.” 

Day of the movie premiere – In Time (2011, Westwood , CA, USA)

The position of the AC on the zodiac reveals that we can expect the movie to develop some sort of treachery and lack of identity. Both of those aspects are fulfilled. The lack of identity shows in the denied origin, meaning everyone sharing Will’s fate and world is denied access to their own source. The treachery aspect can be applied for the entire set up of living on the clock, as well as for the finale – the “Heist of Time”. 

House 7. portrays the image of public awareness, meaning here we can see what part and how the content of time is perceived. In this case, the movie depicts life. Since Cancer’s planet Moon is squared with Venus/Mercury in H.10 – life has no present – certainly life cannot be measured and gauged by an internalized cyborg kind of process, it simply annihilates and extinguishes all forms of life and the movie shows that. The Mars at the cusp of 7./8. is the energy, here in the form of the protagonist, Will Salas, who attempts to confront the already mentioned Venus-Mercury constellation in H.10. – so to speak, Mars is the “freedom fighter” of the plot. This particular Mars gets powered from Hs.4 – (Mars-Moon) an agitated emotion that originates from a tormented idiosyncrasy – which is nicely displayed and acted by Justin Timberlake. 

Another strong “influencer” over the chart is Pluto, which is positioned almost at the AC of the chart and squared with Uranus, emphasizing the suffocated energetic potential the horoscope starts with. I believe the kind of “bird in a cage” constellation describes pretty much the life situation as it is described.

The chart draws a very good image of what the content of the movie is about – in that sense we can perceive it as authentic. In regards to an expression of that time, the premiere of the movie “found” its fitting day to be presented to the world – or should we say it differently, it only could be premiered that day in Los Angeles. 

A bit “disturbing” is the position of Pluto, which is derived from Hs.11 to 10. – it is how the content of time is delivered into the determinative. Since Pluto is in 12. this content is sunken into the unknown – meaning an engram is set. The message that measured minutes and hours of life equate quality – following the underlying storyline – “the longer your life, the better it is (the richer you are)” – is flawed, but it certainly fits the present tech obsessed “Zeitgeist” and narrative, that longevity is equating quality.

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