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Last week a new documentary premiered on Netflix -“Seaspiracy”. The documentary focuses on the worldwide human impact on fish, marine wildlife and oceans in general. Tackles topics like overfishing; the fishing industry; slavery on fishing boats; and the ambiguous world of different environment and marine conservation organizations, which seem to apparently whitewash the industry’s doings. 

Aside from the obvious, very sad and concerning visual impressions of dead marine life, which many will focus on and remember, the documentary also delivers a hidden message. The accumulated data and stats quite subtly debunk the existing narrative of the carbon climate hoax the world is presently exposed to (see earlier article). “Seaspiracy” makes a first quadrant case that the world’s oceans and its life are prime guardians of our climate, more than anything else. The docu gives a number of facts and stats that are clearly difficult to check for the average viewer, but if you’d like first quadrant logic and prefer numbers, there is enough to digest and / or to be sceptical about. And with that it did not take long to read that the portrayed industry representatives as well as different leaders of some conservation organizations had to protest about the film and claim to be misrepresented or falsely accused. 

That certainly is the scientific plight these days, one side’s stat against the other side’s stat, both trying to get people to side with them. Usually, it ends with the might of industry dollars that favors their version and will sway public opinion to side with them.

Aside from all the criticism the docu is getting, it is well worth watching, since it exposes the tragic chain of events of industrial destruction of the sea on a scale the world has never experienced before, happening far away and not visible for most consumers. The film makes the viewer a witness of the cruelty of modern industrial fishing and the trail of destruction. It puts the finger into the open environmental wound caused by the worldwide reckless and well protected industry. It makes a valid case for the industries direct impact on the future climate account and the health of oceans. 

One critic wrote that the message of the docu will just reach the ones that are already converted and aware of the issue, and to a certain extent that might be true, but it certainly does not diminish the urgency of the matter. Nor does it erase the scars our international limitless hunger for seafood consumption has created.  

Since the matter is so much related to Hs.12 – the house of Pisces and Neptune – I thought it might be valuable to examine the day of the premiere of “Seaspiracy” and see how “authentic” the docu is from a starry perspective.

The documentary had its debut and well advertised premiere on Netflix on March 24 this year. With an AC of Cancer with its planet Moon in Hs.2 (Leo) the potential of the moment of time is about life (Bios/Cancer) in a very concrete, territorial sense (Hs.2) – it is about a life giving habitat – “the source of life”. 

Premier day of Seaspiracy on Netflix

Jupiter-Uranus likes to discover. Provided that the main character/narrator Ali has freed himself from the clan, this will stay true. And he is trying to make that point right at the beginning, when he confesses that all the efforts to save the planet by reducing his carbon footprint, he is subjecting himself in order to save the planet without noticeable results. If honest or just as an opener for the documentary, it does not matter, the constellation checks the box to perceive all what follows as a “new” discovery. Since the constellation is aspected with Saturn, that is right at the cusp of Hs.7 to Hs.8, a certain grade of authenticity and connection to the fourth Quadrant and the determinative cannot be denied. 

The dominant constellation right at the MC of the horoscope of Sun-Venus, reveals that we are dealing with the subject of a dependency from a clan. Rightfully so, the documentary tries to demonstrate how consumers worldwide are dependent on the industry, and to a degree believe and trust environmental organizations that apparently help regulate and watch the industry, but are obviously being paid by the same industry.

Another giveaway that, at least from my side of the horoscope, underlines the authenticity of much of the content is Mars-Mercury. Mars-Mercury can usually be found if something is revealed or uncovered. Backed up by a similar constellation that confirms that the described is authentic is Mars-Neptune – it exposes and points out wrong doing. The constellation also reveals that a territory is dissolving, which is fitting in this context. After all it is Neptune’s own territory that is under attack.

Neptune, the God of the seas is in astrology usually associated with the twelves house, the house of the unconscious. The ocean does not symbolize Neptune – it is the appearance of our own unconscious as a body of water, wherein lies all the content of time that was denied through our interference and hindered to come to life (get into time). The deplorable state of these bodies of water are a mirror of our present times and mirror our state of mind. The death of all reefs, the fish and the whales is the execution of an appearance of a content of time that has been caused by us, all of us. The causality of their deaths cannot be explained with and only in the first quadrant (the Causa Materialis). Its cause and origin are to be located at a different other level. The documentary falls short since it is only hinting to a first quadrant phenomena. It is not here in the world of appearances that the cause of the issue can be understood or tackled

In one of my earlier articles on this website I explained the tragic development that enables or should I say trigger this kind of appearance. But, like with the climate story, the fix cannot be achieved by technical means and remedies, in this case fishing quotas or enforcement of certain, most likely shady, fishing laws and rights. This matter is of a spiritual origin and cannot be fixed the described or desired way. In that way, this documentary certainly creates awareness, but still lacks a hint towards the real cause of the problem.

Thanks Kip Anderson to be brave enough to shine some light on the connection between industry and the “do good organizations”, which there are far too many out there. Certainly looking forward to see what you are digging out for your next documentary.

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