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The Rebellion of the Displaced – Canada – free content

It all started in the last third of this January – Canadians, led by protesting truckers, united, “marched” and convoyed towards the Canadian capital Ottawa. Mirrored by demonstrations in many Canadian cities, the movement demands an end to the vaccine requirement for truckers that cross the Canadian/US border – as well as an end to all Covid restrictions. To this day the Prime Minister nor anyone in his government has met with the demonstrators nor engaged with them in any meaningful discussion; nor is the government willing to revisit the matter. 

The story would have not turned that viral as it did, but when the Prime Minister was accused of hiding – excusing himself having Covid (not realizing that this very statement of having Covid after being apparently tripled vaxxed, contradicts all reasoning and measures his government is now forcefully fighting for) public attention and tolerance turned against him.

The protest movement against the prolonged Covid measures obviously is spreading into other countries – similar events are now apparently planned for the US and even in Europe.

Prime Minister Trudeau has meanwhile upped the game and invoked for the first time in Canadian history: the emergency act, which gives the government sweeping powers over its citizens – similar to martial law. Apprehending protesters, seizing bank accounts, and arresting people without warrant is now possible and already been exercised. Most of the Canadian populace has not even noticed that they now live(d) in a country that is similar to countries that are usually shamed and ousted loudly by Canadian governments for disregarding basic human rights. 

To make matters worse Trudeau even suspended the necessary discussion about the emergency act, shut down Parliament on Friday last week, excusing it with the unsafe situation around Parliament hill

The entire development does not surprise, since it was already quite foreseeable two years ago – see article from April 2020 – to get an idea what is driving all this – here is the annual chart (2021/2022) for Canada – demonstrating pretty much what is unfolding right now.

The Aquarius AC of the chart tells us that something wants to change. Since we are dealing with a chart that applies to an entire nation Hs.2 – Hs.2 which shows us what happens with the execution of the form of community is in this case ruled by Aries. This is particularly interesting, for it promises some sort of movement or instability within the nation and its cohesive forces. Mars, the planet of Aries, is situated right at the cusp of Hs.4 – the house of “patria” – clearly stimulating and aggravating the emotions of people. Adding some drama to it is the – close by Moon, which gives it a bit of a scent of a Mars-Moon the “raging volksoul”. Mars-Moon describes even the protesting fraction – the constellation is usually found by individuals or groups of the displaced; quite fitting, in this case the unvaccinated – which represents the origin of this movement. 

Annual Chart, Ottawa 2021/2022

Clearly “Something is rotten in the State of” Canada and many people are upset and angry about it. Since it all plays out in the first and second quadrant the “show” is real. To back up my case I will demonstrate how precise the chart is – the moment when the truckers were gathering in Ottawa for the first weekend of demonstration (end of January) is when the nation is transiting right over Uranus in Hs.2 . Uranus is aspected with Jupiter close to the AC, giving it widening aspects of a nationwide movement. On a side note Uranus is aspected with Saturn as well – telling us that this transiting moment is creating a divide or two polarities (within the nation). Certainly the country is divided about the protests and Covid measures. And like always in those circumstances, the government made a good job of deflecting by taking the actual discussion out of the public focus and security putting law and order as first priority. For many Canadians minds this tactic has worked. Their consensus: the emergency act is justified to bring back law and order and end the demonstrations. 

The initial question, why a nation that has one of the highest vaccination rates worldwide and has been promised to return back to “normal” once more than 90% are vaccinated, is not easing Covid restrictions, has conveniently been pushed out of the picture. No answers from officials why after successfully vaccinating the entire population nobody gets back their basic human rights. So why are the Covid protocols still in effect? Can no official confess that the vaccines do not work as promised (see case of the Prime Minister himself)? And that the government measures were to a large degree a failure? Only if by ruining the way of life of a nation and increasing the power of the state over the individual was the actual agenda. 

In one way or the other something does not match up with the official story line. Even the Prime Minister with his Covid case being the best example that the story line is flawed, but the political apparatus is fighting with unprecedented and unnecessary force – so no wonder that the present government is losing more and more its credibility – and that not only on a national level. The President of El Salvador tweeted: “The real war is not in Ukraine, it’s in Canada, Australia, France, Brussels, England, Germany, Italy… They just want you to look the other way.” 

Which begs the question – what is the real agenda behind Trudeau’s government and why are they delaying the lifting of restrictions? Why is his government holding out on restrictions that European countries (incl. Britain) have already abandoned weeks ago? The taken hardline approach and reasoning to handle the matter have a chilling political parallel in European history.

The Canadian turn of events parallels the German history of the thirties when Hitler took power. Here is a quote from the website of the United States Holocaust Museum, describing the political situation in Germany at that time: “On February 27, 1933, the German parliament (Reichstag) building burned down. The Nazi leadership and its coalition partners used the fire to claim that Communists were planning a violent uprising. They claimed that emergency legislation was needed to prevent this. The resulting act, commonly known as the Reichstag Fire Decree, abolished a number of constitutional protections and paved the way for Nazi dictatorship.” 

And in that context it is even more ironic, shameful and highly ignorant that a Canadian Prime Minister is equating participating demonstrators with Nazis. Or as Toronto Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks said; the trucker slogan “honk honk” is code for “heil Hitler”. Using the word Nazi so loosely or making associations to Hitler demonstrates that both don’t seem to know what the abbreviation stands for. Here’s a little hint – the Nationalist German Worker Party. So clearly a party on the left side of the political spectrum, and I wonder, if any comparison could even be allowed and possibly in these circumstances – who is supposedly publicly perceived to be more towards the left of the political spectrum, the Liberals or the demonstrators? 

To everyone’s surprise and relief Trudeau decided yesterday to lift the emergency act. The open question remains, when is the country returning to a before Covid state and what was the point of invoking the emergency act, since it did not need the emergency act to deal with the demonstrators.

For myself I got some fitting answers to these questions in a Joe Rogan conducted interview with Maajid Nawaz. I do not like to spoil the answer and recommend listening to some very good points regarding this subject, which are made in the last third of the interview. In light of these points the just announced end to the emergency act appears to be just a prelude or a possible trial of what might be onto us in a not-so distant future. 

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