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The Global Virome Project

If you have not heard of the Global Virome Project until now, it’s about time to educate yourself about it. It’s not just that the names that are/were involved in the project that ring alarm bells for Covid conspiracy aficionados, it is once again an elite group of a chosen few – scientists, certainly “acclaimed specialists”, that find themselves worthy and ordained by industry and system, to play with our, and even worse, the planet’s life. If you look at the list of people steering and initiating the project it might not surprise that we can find names that are somehow very “weirdly” connected to the biolab in Wuhan.

Do yourself the favor and do some research. I do not want to spoil the party, but about names like the Rockefeller foundation, Peter Daszak or Dr. Jennifer Gardy, the Deputy Director of Surveillance, Data, and Epidemiology within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just to name some of the participants.

To get you started and get you into the swing of things, here is the “promotional” video of the Global Virome Project. 

As always the sales pitch does not sound so bad. A data bank that contains all the information of viruses that exist in the animal world and that could one day possibly crossover from animals to humans. The data bank then would serve as the go to site for developing vaccines once or even before a new virus would surface; the data bank would enable a faster development of future vaccines. 

Aren’t you already intrigued enough to press the donate button on their website. Really? Is the donate button just there to give you the impression that we are dealing with a nonprofit grassroots organization that desperately needs your dollar to spread their unconditional love and you want to be part of it? To give you an idea, they just want 1.2 billion dollars, so get clicking the button.

History has meanwhile proven that your dollar is not needed since you are  paying for it with your tax and health care dollars anyway. And you are not just paying for the organization, even for the remedies (vaccines) that will follow and the government action plan that will force you to take whatever is approved by the corrupt system. As if the public is not already more than numbed enough with the funding model for these remedies – the public finances the “research” and the remedies are later on sold to us by private companies for some handsome profits. So far so good. 

I do not intend to judge on the participants’ motives nor their chances of achieving their goal of vaccinating people before it even happens, which in itself is quite a pretentious undertaking, but I clearly can see the economic angle and the possibilities for almost unlimited profits for the invested few. To get a bit of a better idea what these, so altruistic, people really have in mind I thought it might be worth having a look at their first meeting of the Global Virome Project at Lake Como, Italy, at the Rockefeller Foundation. The “quality of time” of the day should give us a good base understanding of what is at stake at this August 2016 meeting and what will result from it.

A repeat pattern, by now almost boring to a degree, but as always with these kinds of meetings and declarations of manifestos (see other charts of similar meetings on this website) the “quality”, the potential of the day is a Scorpio. The AC’s planet Pluto is in Hs.3. – already giving us astrological proof or hint that we are dealing clearly with some sort of subdued forms or expressions of life – emphasized even more by a squared Moon in Hs.12 . 

Sorry, I do not make it up, almost all of these kinds of event charts appear to have similar qualities, certainly differently accentuated or placed, but with still similar potential. It should make readers who are skeptical towards the general idea of the value of horoscopes at least a bit curious as to why time displays itself in a fairly similar way if we are dealing with similar content. 

Anyways – to break up the by now almost “boring” appearing chart, I would like to make an attempt to interpret the chart with the latest of the three ways, found by Wolfgang Doebereiner. By the way – it is one of the quickest and most likely most precise ways to dissect a chart. 

The Leo Sun marks a mundan second quadrant that reaches from the third quadrant into the fourth quadrant. The overriding headline for this kind of constellation – “The loss of Gestalt – a Gestalt will be lost – since the third house of the quadrant containing the Sun is aiming into the fourth quadrant of the chart. Since we are dealing with Cancer, with a Moon in Hs.12, it is all about the notion of forms of life (zoonotic) in the world of the absolute unknown that will be lost. 

The second step and House to look at is Leo, which is right at the MC (since it is a midday chart) – the determinative of life

The third step, how and at what level all is unfolding – is Virgo enclosing the cusp of Hs.11 and containing a bunch of constellations – a Venus-(Mars-Saturn)-Uranus and a Mercury-Moon-Neptune. 

Since we are in a Virgo influenced phase it is about the change of conditions that is to be detected (a classic Virgo theme) and directed to the determinative (Hs.10) – in worldly context, the Virome Project intends to identify, mark (describe) and collect all viruses that can be found and make the knowledge about them as determinant for utilization

Mercury is aspected with Moon (Hs.12) and Neptune (Hs.4) reiterating the bio aspect of the chart. The, in the Virgo phase three contained, Venus is aspected with a Mars-Saturn at cusp of Hs.2 and a Uranus in Hs.6. The Mars-Saturn (resistance) is located on a Mars-Pluto (virus/vaccination) point on the Zodiac – cusp of Hs.2, the physical corner of the chart. Correlated with the sixth house – the house of conditions, that is Aries aspected – the herein located Uranus gets blocked physically on the basis of Hs.2. 

To make it all more understandable in worldly terms – the “disruptive” (Mars) wanting to deliver a change (Uranus) in conditions should be blocked physically by a vaccine (Mars-Pluto aspected Mars-Saturn in Hs.2). 

So far all quite fitting, the quality of time of the day seems to fit nicely with the intent of what the people who gathered that 2018 August day at Lake Como.

So, why am I so apprehensive about this gathering of humanitarian angels and self proclaimed saviors of the human race if it even fits so nicely the chart?

One, the AC of the chart is an encounter with the finite, which is the potential of the chart, and the other one, which is quite concerning, that the aforementioned, physical Mars-Saturn, points towards a misorientation, and thirdly coming back to the initial first step of interpretation – the loss of Gestalt. (remark: truth always shows – one of the last points of the online displayed points of the (GVP) initiative is phrased “the beginning of the end” – they could have not phrased it better)

The attempt to develop vaccines for the yet still unhappened (Hs.12) can mildly be claimed to be preposterous. The Mars-Pluto aspect of the first house is the give away that we are not dealing with a life enhancing or even life protecting process

Over the last years even the CDC had to change the definition of vaccines, from immunity to protection, in order to instill credibility. Isn’t it proof enough that the vaccine industry meanwhile has to adjust Covid vaccines to every new strain, retroactively, indirectly admitting that they will never be able to be ahead of the game. Life is and will be more creative and stronger than all their future potential pseudo remedies and countermeasures

Viruses and the immune system, both are in a constant sparring contest, progressing through time and evolving together, keeping up with the counterpart, always oscillating around the desired mean that is commonly perceived as what we refer to as the state of health.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke