Movie – My Son Hunter

It certainly is a movie that did not get the usual Hollywood fanfare when it premiered a month ago. It might be that it was not produced by any of the famous production companies or is it possible that the subject of the movie does not fit the general political mind set of the Beverly Hills crowd?

The movie does not lack the usual Hollywood ingredients, like sex, drugs, crime and lots of money for a successful movie. It is actually most likely in many parts closer to the truth than many of the other successful Hollywood creations, so not all fiction like many other successful contenders. Certainly many of the already publicly known facts about the Bidens are strung together by filling the gaps with fictional content, but again nothing new or abnormal for Hollywood scriptwriters and movie directors. But for the curious, who wants to see the movie right now, four weeks after it premiered, be prepared – you will have a hard time finding a platform or place where you can watch this initially crowdfunded movie.

The movie is portrayed by the media the same way as all the previous news over the last decade of the business affiliations of the Biden family members. Looking rather the opposite way of an inconvenient truth that quite obviously nobody wants the public to see and realize.  

The creators of the movie certainly do not deny and hide their political orientation and intentions, but aside from all the politicking the movie does work out a lot of facts and disturbing details about the Bidens that the MSM so far has been very successful fading out over the past years. 

As just a fun project I thought it might be worth having a look at the premiere chart of the “My Son Hunter” movie to see what it possibly can reveal to us about the “quality of time” of that very movie and to what extent the viewer can expect truthful content. 

Movie premiered Sept. 7, 2022 in Los Angeles

I found the exact start date of the premier of the film, which gives us an accurate chart for that event. The potential of the chart presents itself with a Pisces AC, with its planet Neptune right in Hs.1 – the potential of the movie is Neptune “powered” and due to that fact it certainly offers a very good chance that truthful content is pushing the narrative. The Neptune-Mercury constellation even underlines this content of time – attempting to articulate truth, bringing tabued content in the awareness since Mercury is in Hs.7 – the conscience, or could we say public awareness

Just the fact that Pieces with Neptune is at such a dominant point of the chart and, as a side effect, is even aspected with Jupiter, which connects it with the determinative of the chart, clearly demonstrates that the content of the movie is delivering some refreshing content, dissolving the existing narrative of existing “herd-think”. The analytical and awareness generating Virgo Sun is right at the DC and makes sure that the mission of creating awareness and conscience about the bad state of affairs in the White House does not fail, even though that the Sun is aspected with Mars-Pluto. The constellation explains the “underdog situation” the movie experiences and why it is outcasted by the media and Hollywood alike. On the flip side it could enable the movie to be the political explosive device the creators intended it to be, but on the other hand the same constellation does point out to some ideological power ingredient the movie can convey.

To sum it up – the movie is delivering truthful content, content that has been so far successfully subdued and denied by the MSM. From a “time perspective” – the movie has a good chance to make up for the lost and inconvenient truth and if the Sagittarius MC is not hindered too much the word will spread widely. 

The success of the movie will be the gauge of how the American public is ready and willing to accept that the Biden family is obviously involved in some very questionable international businesses – mainly in China and the Ukraine – weirdly enough presently the two political hotspots for the Biden administration as well.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

24.07.2023 – the plot is thickening day by day – I guess the people have a hard time accepting that the US already displays attributes of a banna republic