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UY Air Force Flight 571 – part 1

For some weeks now Netflix offers a very well made cinematographic historic reappraisal of this tragic flight. The movie is not just well made, it touches with impressive detail on the different characters involved, the plight and how the event and the months after in starvation and drama evolved until the survivors were found. Relevant times and dates are very well documented. The precision of the relevant charts demonstrate and explain in their planetary way the event in the most stunning way and are truly a testament of how the quality of time has future outcomes embedded in it.

Known as the “Andes Flight disaster” this historic flight took place in the early seventies, when a plane on its way from Montevideo UY to Santiago de Chile crashed on an icefield in the Andes. On one hand the crash was understandably perceived as a disaster, on the other it was called a miracle. From the initial 45 people onboard 14 survived a 72 day ordeal in subzero terrain at an altitude of close to 4000 m before they were rescued. The disaster made worldwide headlines because of the cannibalism the survivors had to resort to in order not to starve and survive. 

Looking into the details of the plane crash I found out that the flight left Montevideo on Thursday 12 October 1972. The actual crash happened the next day since the plane, due to adverse weather, had stopped in Mendoza, Argentina for the night to wait for improved conditions. 

According to flight records the plane then commenced its journey leaving Mendoza at 14:18 on Friday 13, 1972. Which is the first chart we will have a look at. In the second part of this article I will demonstrate how the precision of the chart of the departure holds the timely content of what would unfold about an hour later when the plane hit a ridge, severed and causing the front part of the fuselage slide, like a high-speed bobsled with 350 km/h over an ice/snowfield about 720 m downwards until it came to a complete standstill and the days and months following. 

One would think that the Aquarius AC for the moment that a plane is actually airborne is quite fitting. Looking at the Uranus (Aquarius planet) that is situated in Hs.9 of the chart and is clearly connected with the Sun of the chart might change one’s first impression. Sun-Uranus – the Ikarus constallation, as the fitting Greek mythological metaphor comes to mind, matching the outcome of this planetary constellation. The planetary pair (Sun-Uranus) is aspected with Venus in Hs.8 – whose origin stems from Hs.4 – which is in this case by zodiacal degree supplying the background of existential uprooting on a very concrete level. So much to the potential of the chart. 

How does it come to the point – looking at the cusp of Hs.12.-11. – the point of origin is Capricorn with its planet Saturn in Hs.5 – some kind of resistance will be experienced, which gets even more graphic by knowing that Saturn is aspected with Mars in Hs.9. Mars-Saturn – an existential threat or blockage, which finds its execution, in this case, hitting a mountain ridge at an altitude of 4400 m traveling close to 500 km/h. As though it could not get more graphic – the constellation also entails Mars-Pluto – in plain terms – energy against form, making clear that the entirety of the plane is about to be challenged or will break. 

The strongest message however is the determinative describing the outcome of the event; Mercury at the MC that is situated on a zodiacal degree of the encounter with the finite, which again can be traced back to Hs.5, the house of experience, that we already know containing Saturn – the resistance – so to speak delivering an experience of an encounter with death or, since it is Saturn, a vis-a-vis with the limitations to life in general. 

The movie illustrates this timely content very well – even the aftermath of the incident, when the survivors were shunned by the public because of their carnivorous actions. The entire debate and ensuing outcry calmed down once one survivor defended their actions by making comparison to that of Jesus at the Last Supper. In the end, the actions of the survivors were even given absolution by a priest. It clearly demonstrates the saturnal angle of the event.

The Leo DC of the chart – the part that tells us what is or will be perceived from the entire event – is connected to the Sun-Uranus, illuminating the theme of the cannibalistic part of the survival ordeal. The Sun-Uranus constellation is known for using others for oneself benefit and that is most likely what is remembered best with this plane crash.

In the second part of this article, I will examine how the moment being airborne holds all the “quality of time” of what will unfold later. We will have a look at how the actual crash site is connected to the chart. Additionally, we will see when the rescue of the remaining survivors will happen, as well how the quality of time of the place of departure mirrors the events of what would unfold hundreds kilometers away from the point of departure. 

Every moment holds its “timely” potential or, as the quantum physicist would call it, its potentiality, which is waiting to be “realized”. Much of  potentiality is never “realized”, but once the right players and pieces fall into place, events unfold. As already hinted towards in the “light of life” article, a similar observation can be made with light as well, be it the birth of a living creature or the occurrence of an event, all are entangled and connected to bigger rhythmic, recurring phenomena that happened before them and can be found in a chart (see as well Covid articles).

next week part 2

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