"Off the charts"

Don’t worry, it’s all just fake -free content

Is there anything left around us that is not fake? We seem to have turned almost everything into a fake something and most of us do not even seem to notice nor bother.

Take our very own economy for instance – artificially propped up by computer created, virtual money – our currencies are not even printed anymore. Perceived wealth of cheap, easy credit feigns consumers and governments around the world into an unsustainable standard of living. Governments manipulate stock markets to prevent investors from being deterred from betting on overvalued stocks. In an effort to uphold the perception that stocks are a risk free investment.

What about our daily food – chemically designed, artificial, and manufactured, some of it could already qualify for safety hazard labeling. There is hardly a restaurant left that can afford and serve real, in-house, kitchen prepared and cooked food. 

Fake has already gone so far, it’s reached a new level in the artificial flavor industry. We no longer perceive real fruit as authentic, instead we believe artificially flavored products to be the true, original flavor. 

Perceived agricultural wealth achieved through fake GM crops, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and irrigation, all of which are irreversibly depleting and destroying entire watersheds. Since bees are dying, even the pollination of plants has turned “fake” and is performed manually.

Or a resource cheat: the American petrol industry, in some parts, wastes more than a barrel of oil in energy to produce a barrel of oil, solely to be able to claim to be the number one oil producing nation, and in the process destroying entire aquifers.

How about entertainment: reality shows or movies with content and effects that are difficult to distinguish between real or fake. Amusement parks – all fake, no authenticity, no life, and full of plastic facades. “Safe” places, guaranteeing that no real-life experience is waiting here for you.

Or in the latest Covid scare, empty sports arenas hosting games with no fans present. To ensure that the spectators do not fall asleep, artificially recorded fan cheers are induced to override the ghostly show.

Or the world of images – what has been a privilege of the marketing industry in the past, is now common for many of our own photo collections. There is hardly a private photo which has not been edited, photo-shopped, or shall we say enhanced.

Personal contact, not necessary anymore – we talk with lit up black screens, believing that the person we are talking to is right in front of us. With that perception, even doctor visits are lately replaced by camera examinations, lacking the basics needed for a comprehensive medical examination, like smell and personal contact. 

Modern medicine. Most of it could also be viewed as fake – the reality check is sold to you in the small print. So why bother reading about what new ailment you are trading in for the old one?

What about the newest and latest: real life partners being swapped for sexbots – fakeness is even found here.

Online reviews about products or services, most of them are fake, either authored by the seller or countered by the competitor. Even Amazon is rumored to influence product reviews and subsequent sales, despite being perceived as the gold standard for customer reviews. So why do we trust reviews that we know are fake? 

Or the wonderful world of suburbia, where countless castles and mansions try to instill the presence of opulence, wealth, and life, where there is none.

How about the entire beauty industry, with their numerous “solutions” like hair extensions, make-up products, colors, Botox, silicone, and fake whatever. …. .

What is driving us into this fake and artificial world? What is so unpleasant about reality, the real world, that we seem to avoid and escape it as best as we can? Has our consciousness already realized that there is no voluntary way back (to reality) or are we just trying to avoid the moment of realization? It is most likely for that very reason that 1 out of 6 Americans take antipsychotic medication – “just to stay on track”. 

So, it seems more fake and more lies are the fix to keep our parasympathicus pacified? In the news world we have even reached a point where we try to cure the fake with the fake (news).

Yes, the outfall and the consequences of the fake world when realized, and the plight that subsequently will follow, those will surely not be fake. In the end, reality will eventually seep in. 

It is a given – fake is a deception, trying to disguise and hide the unwelcomed truth, pushing the moment of realization into the future. Sometimes that realization just surfaces in the most inconvenient and unexpected moments.

Copyright 2021 Dirk Heinicke all rights reserved