Laugh-O-gram, not really – 1

One of the most iconic American corporate success stories is very likely the one of the Walt Disney Company. What started out as an experimental garage based business trying to bring animations onto celluloid, developed into one of the most influential media companies worldwide grossing billions of profit annually. Meanwhile the media empire draws a lot of its revenue stream from its internationally located theme parks including hotels and even five cruise ships. Up to this day the company is still growing its market presence. In 2012 Disney swallowed up the Star Wars enterprise, most of the Century 21 holdings, ABC, ESPN, and the Marvel brand. It can not be denied that Disney is synonymous with modern entertainment, particularly for the young since it is very hard to find anything on screen for the younger age segment that is not in the hands of the Disney company or one of their subsidiaries.

Walt Disney certainly had no idea when he started his first trial of animated movies in 1922 in Kansas City where his entrepreneurial journey would lead to. His first company Laugh-O-gram produced Alice in Cartoonland and after completion of the first instalment he closed shop, bankruptcy was declared and Walt moved to Los Angeles. 

I thought it might be interesting to examine three to the subject related charts. We will have a closer look at Walt’s personal chart as well as the charts of the two subsequent companies, Laugh-O-gram and The Walt Disney Corp..

Just looking from a business perspective at Laugh-O-gram, which was founded May 23, 1922. The chart of the day comes up with a couple of hurdles that lead to the fairly quick demise of the new founded company. In parts: how the Sun is aspected on the zodiac as well as the planet of the Virgo AC with Mercury in the determinative foreshadowing already an experience of rejection. Since the transition of Hs.12 to 11. (what is about to be extracted from the waters of the sea of the unconscious) as well as Hs.6 – what kind of conditions that are to be met or encountered – mirror about the same “content of time” – the encounter with the finite – as such the lifetime of the Laugh-O-Gram studios was limited or should we say troubled and Walt’s decision to close shop inevitable.

Walt moved to Los Angeles, establishing a new company, the Disney Brothers Studios, which he was able to partially finance with the sale of some of his previous cartoons. In January 1926 the name was then changed to Walt Disney Studio. Over the following decades the studio produced many world renowned animated movies and short clips. ….

Part 2 – next week