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The New Russian Ruble – or how to Play Three Dimensional War Chess

On Wednesday March 23, 2022, the Bank of Russia announced a fixed price of 5’000 rubles per gram of gold. In a sense this decision pegs the Ruble to the price of gold. The formal explanation is to curb and stabilize the Russian currency in the present times of turmoil. It fits the “Grandmaster” scheme of Putin, who, in the future, demands to be paid in the Russian Ruble for commodities. 

Meaning, indirectly his decision could be the start of a reintroduction of a form of gold standard to the world of currencies. Clearly the opposite to the present “King of Currencies” – the US-dollar. A game plan/strategy the Russians obviously were following for years, since they and their allies (the Chinese) were buying a lot of physical gold (when gold was cheap). Currently the Russian Bank holds more than 2’300 physical tons, whereas the US reports to hold about 8’100 tons; but the US has not had an audit for over 36 years, and for years it has been rumored that the US might have close to no gold left at all. So if you want to go by rumor, the “emperor without clothes moment” for the US might be in the cards pretty soon. If that moment arrives the world of finance will have to be reset to new rules. The US world dominance in finance and trade would vanish very quickly. Meaning that, if all this turned out to be a result of that one Wednesday in March: it could be said that Russians have not only mastered the board game of Chess, they also know how to apply their strategic knowledge only off of the chessboard.

Meanwhile the American administration: run by a president who appears to be frail and influenced by neocon ideas, as well as managed by minions of the military industrial complex, is seemingly not able to respond adequately and can not put anything comparable against it, except with threatening world war three predictions, or demanding Putin to be tried as a war criminal. If Putin can hold his position and not get challenged on these notes, he has a good chance to win, the moment to challenge a “not gold backed” and failing US-dollar is well chosen.

The chart of the day of the announcement made by the Bank of Russia shows a Leo AC, which spans the first two houses – the energetic and adhesive side of the phenomenon. Since we are dealing with a Sun in Aries – the disruptive potential of the moment can not be denied. The Sun-Neptune constellation reveals an even deeper content of time associated with the potential of the chart. The constellation is known in the Munich School of Rhythm as the: “Kings competition”, which describes the occurrence of challenging the status quo of the US-Dollar quite nicely, and the Leo aspect gives it the lively and territorial demanding platform and energy.

Significant as well, Hs.7, which is demonstrating how the content of time is coming into the present. Right at the cusp of 7. and Hs.8 –  is Mars-Venus, that tells us that some sort of cut into “tissue ” is delivered into the present. The new form of Ruble has the possibility to be a game changer for all fiat monetary systems, and cuts into the existing network (tissue) of the  existing financial, “one world” systems/organizations: e.g. swift system – some already call it the end of the global economy.

All of that is happening under the umbrella of Aquarius (Hs.7 and Hs.8) giving it the appearance of something new. Uranus, Aquarius’s planet, sits right at the cusp of 11. to 10., which is ruled by Taurus and is just reiterating the “fractious, revolutionary effect” of the occurrence that it has on existing organizations. Translating into: a group or network is challenged to be broken up – a “game changer”. The demand to pay for Russian commodities in Ruble gives this kind of constellation its earthly reflection.

The big question is, will it be successful and will it fulfill its intended purpose. At that point I’d say that it certainly has the potential to disrupt. The chart clearly exposes a revolting move to existing group/societal constructs, so to speak just adding another dimension to physical war on the ground. 

Will it be long lasting – hard to say, since there are aspects of exhaustion (fiery star signs) and to some degree aspects of vigor in the chart (Scorpio in Hs.5). The fiery AC as well as MC do not promise endurance, rather exhaustion. So, it could well be that the new Ruble is just a trailblazer for a later reform of the world monetary system, even if the Scorpio aspected Hs.5 with Pluto in Hs.6, shaping (forming) the conditions could as well mean that this introduced change has the potential to influence the conditions (of the financial and world political systems) in a determinative way. 

Only time will tell – but one thing that can be said – Putin has to a degree weaponized his currency, which in the past was usually a move that only the Americans were able to do. The American might not be able to counter the gold approach since their storage might be empty. So watch out America, while you are still trying to do conventional covert warfare, a very quick checkmate, just on a different level might happen.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

The Russian Ruble announcement (inner circle) – the outer planets are from the US-Dollar chart – quite obvious, the above mentioned “points of interest” and how they are connected the US-Dollar – Pluto -highlighted – (the form) of the US-Dollar seems to be affected by the Mars-Venus-Saturn of the “new” Russian Ruble

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03.09.2022 – Obviously Sergey Glazyev has already outlined in his book some of Putins next moves on the global chessboard. I guess by just reading this article we can see how America’s checkmate is close and foreseeable. Choosing to fight a proxy war certainly will not help to free the West from its demise, it rather worsens the situation and weakens the defence options.

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07.04.2023 – we might be biased about FoxNews and Tucker Carlson, but sums it all up quite nicely and we can see how Russia plays the situation very stratigic – kind a close to check mate