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The Environmental Modification Convention – free

When you search for the Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) the first hit you will most likely get is wikipedia’s explanation for the by the UN spearheaded international agreement, which reads as follows:

“The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva, and entered into force on 5 October 1978.”

So what’s really behind it? According to the description: the convention basically intends to curb and regulate weather altering or environment changing techniques (meaning mainly climate manipulating activities) which these days fall under the umbrella of geoengineering. Activities the public at large is fairly ignorant about. 

The majority of people prefer to believe the climate change story rather than to explore the idea that the climate and environmental “changes” we lately get reported, might be more attributed to intentional activities rather than the random result of weather/climate in general. 

The technological (apparatus) cancer that plagues the world just thrives on blinded public perception and ignorance about the matter. It allows for an unrestricted justification for an even further assault to micro organize their existence. And with that furthering the exploitation and extinction of life right down to its minimum. The so-called “green movement” advertises, facilitates and at the end executes this very process. The green color of the movement is just the trophy of what has been eradicated by the process itself.  

In an earlier article I already explored this kind of activity, but since there is so much more sheer unbelievable activity happening in this field, it is worth having another look.

Obviously the possibilities and the eventual fallout of environment/climate altering activities must have already alerted some political leaders in the seventies – meaning these activities are already happening for many decades. The subject just never made front news. Clearly the ones that instigate these kinds of activities do not want to be mentioned: since possible repercussions from lawsuits against them could put an end to their doings. Just imagine if victims of floods, earthquakes or freak weather phenomena could sue countries (their military) or governmental agencies for the experienced damages or losses. 

Like many UN agreements: the ENMOD convention phrases everything vaguely and in this case mainly targets military applications (As if any military in the world would voluntarily abide by an UN imposed rule). Meanwhile some of these weather altering activities are offered by private companies and executed by them, subsequently they are paid for by governments or public funded programs. At the end ENMOD appears to be just another UN “empty shell” lip service to better the world.

The convention entered into force on 5 October 1978, which I have used to calculate the chart. Even the first visual impression we get of this chart is quite impressive. Piercing into the eye of the observer right from the start is Neptune at the AC, quite a bit of planetary “action” in Hs.11 and a bundle of planets right at the MC. Really quite a chart! 

The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD)

The loaded Hs.11 – already indicating issues with the origin (Hs.11 in mundan terms Aquarius – the sky) spanned, enclosed by Scorpio, seemingly contrapted by it and delivered right with Pluto onto the Sun of the chart. Meaning the entire subdued content of Hs.11 is layered over the Sun and blocking it.  

The Libra Sun is attempting to deliver consciousness about the matter, if it would be solely aspected with Mercury (from Hs.7), it would even have a chance that the issue could get public reception – but Pluto is concealing it.  

What is so striking is that Neptune is right at the AC of the chart. On one hand it certainly explains the vague and very open language of the agreement, but on the other the assertion of the content of time expressed with this chart and powered by the AC – is considerably weakened. In this particular case – as Pieces being the ruler of Hs.3 – with its planet right at the AC – marking and depicting the principle of life

The chart offers the potential, indicating the problem of a lost fourth quadrant. It seems that particularly the origin is lost: since the dominance of the absorbing Sun-Pluto is so dominant that the entire content gets soaked up, never reaching “common” consciousness and bloating it up into a monstros regulatory convention, in doing so completely ignoring the loss of the fourth quadrant. 

The chart is an exemplary proof of how bureaucracy – in this case the UN – is adopting truthful content, misappropriating it and abusing it only to further the increase of their reach and power. It is not much different from any other of these international “W” organizations (e.g. WHO, WTO, Worldbank just to name a few). These organizations are only “executors” of executions of appearances of bygone, lost and subdued content of time. 
The apparatus of technology is still advancing and the relentless penetration of global organizations is spreading like cancer – with no center, nor constraints, nor respect and limitation, aiming only to micromanage and plan all forms of life on the planet. For almost all of them, contrary to their advertised intentions, is extinguishing and annihilating everything they promise and vow to protect. The trend is unabated and constantly gaining speed, just heading unstoppable for the day when there is nothing left to consume anymore.

Copyright 2022 by Dirk Heinicke

23.08.2022 – if you do not believe that weather manipulation is even a thing – here is just one documented proof of just one day – go to minute 10-11 on that report from monkey werx US here you can even see the planes causing it all – climate change by carbon emissions?

07.11.2022here is even a speech of a front line whistleblower, explaining how everything is executed and who is behind all this activity

01.07.2023hard to believe, usually denied that weather changing technologies are even applied, even a European Union Commission is warning about the unintended consequences of these technologies