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The TNI – the Trusted News Initiative – free content

“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious” (George Orwell). It would be compelling to know if that Big Brother knowledge had been applied and planted carefully well before it mattered to the people that were organizing and orchestrating the Trusted News Initiative, and what would follow later. 

About two years ago, in lieu of an exact date or time, I abandoned the idea to look deeper into the matter. My interest got sparked again by comments that were made by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, some weeks ago in an interview with Joe Rogan

For good reasons: there are no specific dates given as to when the initiative really started – and the person then in charge; the then BBC Director-General Tony Hall, publicly even admitted by announcing in July 2019 : “… I convened, behind closed doors, a Trusted News Summit at the BBC, which brought together global tech platforms and publishers.” 

In my language that means a public funded broadcaster is “secretly conspiring” with big tech and private media companies, wedding in this case with companies like: AP, AFP, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter and The Washington Post

Weirdly enough these are the same organizations that have suppressed part of the scientific discussion of the Covid story. Banning vetted professionals from their platforms and making sure that only their angle of the story has been conveyed to the world. Certainly, as we know, it is all for the greater good and clearly with no conflict of personal interest in guarding that very truth. As Dr. Malone mentioned in his interview; for one, the Reuters CEO’s (I believe Steve Haske) that apparently also sits on the board of the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer – the company that has been most likely the biggest profiteer of the “Covid crisis”. That truth has been conveniently forgotten to tell by these “so highly trusted names and organizations”.

At the base of all that mainstream and quite obviously even state media (CBC and BBC) and private media with their billionaires owners: is losing its followership and obviously even their credibility. Which was recognized and just worded differently by the news industry – quoting Elizabeth Woodworth from Common Ground – “On June 24, 2021, a report from the Oxford-based Reuters Institute revealed that trust in the US media – ranking last among 46 countries – had descended to an all-time low of 29%. Meanwhile, Canadian trust in media has sunk to 45%.

This downward spiral can only mean that people are going elsewhere for their news – a trend that has likely been accelerated by the emergence of a shadowy global censorship network called the Trusted News Initiative (TNI).” 

Lost followership results in losing influence in accordance with power. Obviously something needed to be done and according to the BBC themselves: on 10 December 2020, Jamie Angus, Director of the BBC World Service Group announced the launch of a new initiative which will help TNI members to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of interventions to fight misinformation.”

If you search the internet you’ll find that even “W-organizations” chimed in. Here is a link to a paper issued and funded by UNESCO (and most likely with tax dollars as well) – a “Handbook for Journalism Education and Training – Journalism, Fake News and Disinformation”. Let’s face it, the problem the big guys have: is the internet with its many platforms and portals. The consumer meanwhile so dares to choose to hear and listen what they please – and that clearly can not be tolerated, even if it is about important scientific research that contradicts in parts the narrative chosen by some of those news outlets, or should we better say factories.

Since we are dealing with an event that has been initiated behind closed doors, we do not have a date to work with. The only relevant date for the TNI is a media representatives hosting conference, which was “partnered” with the Canadian and British government. The official website describes the content as following:

“Chrystia Freeland, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Jeremy Hunt, the UK Foreign Secretary, will co-host the conference. It is part of an international campaign to shine a global spotlight on media freedom and increase the cost to those that are attempting to restrict it.

The conference will be structured around 4 themes:

  • protection and prosecution, including impunity
  • national frameworks and legislation
  • building trust in media and countering disinformation
  • media sustainability

Global leaders, representatives from the media industry, journalists, civil society and academia will gather to attend interactive panel discussions. The first day will focus on defining the challenges, the second on framing solutions. Commonwealth Foreign Ministers will also meet to discuss media freedom.” So far the official presentation and advertisement of the event. 

The chart of the event presents itself with a Libra AC, with its planet Venus in Hs.9, telling us a bit of a different story. Libra, in its mundan understanding – in broad terms we are dealing with public awareness, which is getting composed in Hs.9, or should we say “crafted”. The Cancer Sun is heavily aspected with an opposing Saturn-Pluto, which is situated right at the cusp of Hs.4. Both the Cancer Sun with opposing Saturn-Pluto in Hs.4 indicate we are dealing with a blockage of the fluent or, differently phrased: we are dealing to a degree with a hindered, altered access to the unconscious. Since the Moon of Cancer Hs.10 is in Hs.1 the entire content of time – this blockage of flow of truth and hindered access to it – gets its real 1st quadrant presentation: meaning that the determinative of the 10.Hs is getting real, at least from an energetic point of view. Not physical, but the energetic potential which is “powering” the “real world” first quadrant will find its place in the real (material) world: which clearly it does, since it teamed up to subdue the “flow” of truth (life)

First conference, London 10.07.2019

Quite fitting as well – Pieces Hs.6 and even Neptune close to the cusp of Hs.6 (mundan Virgo) – “Neptune-Mercury” – a regulated principle of purity, which is more than fitting, since the gathered group wants to get rid of everyone that is not deemed to be “clean” for their belief system

Aries Hs.7 – the present: what is noticed publicly – in this case Mars-Mercury, which is a underlying Neptune-Mercury, is already expressed by Hs.6 – in this case, this content of time gets delivered into Hs.10 and with that the content of regulating the truth is the determinative of that very moment of time these big names of media met

Since truth can not be regulated, it subsequently is controlled and clearly some “journalistic” group, disguised as the disciples of truth, ganged up with tech guys like Microsoft or Google to hunt what they pretend to protect. 

But isn’t it everywhere the same? “The Seven Oaks Residence” can only be there because the seven Oaks have been cut down before. Like in so many cases the naming often reveals what has been lost and replaced by the organization or body. In this case – the “Trusted News Initiative”, the most obvious has been lost – truth and trust. It is hard to imagine that a combination of a surveillance apparatus, executed by names like Google, Twitter or Microsoft, and a selected number of news networks is not going to bring the truth and trust back into broadcasting – rather the opposite – but that fits so perfectly well to the present perfidious propaganda war that is lead by these organizations and is webbing the world.

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