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My Top 10 contenders of neglected News by MSM of 2020 – free content

We can all agree that the year 2020 has not been short of newsworthy content. As expected and forecasted it turned out to be a year with a lot of changes, turns, and events. The mainstream media certainly made their “Trojan Horse” of this year’s news look unavoidable, omnipresent, and seemingly the only newsworthy event to report. 

The worldwide synchronized and orchestrated propaganda muted any other noteworthy development and content – so that real news were mainly only accessible through and noticed by alternative news sites, blogs, or through some social media websites. As an act of news cleansing those news were quickly discredited as outright “misinformation,” which in many cases did not diminish the interest in the matter.

By the way, media is using the word “information” very generously and is not realizing that information is content that has already been altered to fit a narrative or motive, otherwise it would simply be “truth”. Repeating myself – the word is derived from the Latin verb “informare” (to in-form), to “give form to the mind”, to “discipline”. Trying to whitewash their own “information” and to insinuate that other content is “misinformation” does not work and is not believable, since two times untrue still does not create truthfulness.

As a second step approach they then blatantly categorized it as conspiracy. Towards the second half of the year the powers behind the media Trojan Horse went into complete overdrive and barred certain, more critical content from numerous social media platforms. The chosen language by some state leaders calling it war is fitting since the first casualty of war is always – TRUTH.

Even this website experienced with some of the linked content those kinds of “outages.” Much of the censored linked content has been from professionals with decades of experiences in their respective fields. Clearly valid perspectives, worth exploring and being listened to, but obviously not fitting the propaganda narrative and with that had to be eliminated. Which brings us seamless to our top contender for the sad first place of this year’s not really covered news stories by the mainstream media:

  1. Censorship, Oppression and Avoidance of Truth – certainly a contender and recipient of the first spot for decades, unnoticed, silent and only with some “freedom fighters” left to defend. It sure sounds boring and not very concrete, because the process is indiscernible, but sufficient to the perpetual annual winner of the podium. What’s new this year is that it has found a strong challenger that almost ended up to push the decades number one of its prime podium spot.
  1. The tragic Loss of Basic Rights and Freedom – well, it is not something really new, but now affecting most of the world, all of us incarcerated at home, isolated by decree and not allowed to move nor congregate (privately or religiously in almost biblical foretold proportions) – clearly, the shooting star of unreported media content since it affects us all.
  1. The rise of a“Medical Autocracy”- the 10 trillion dollar medical  industry is clearly trying to expand their field of business and profits and found some willing helpers like National or Regional Health Tsars, this time protected and assisted by emergency measures. Big Pharma is certainly the one organism that has already received immunity against almost everything. The industry, as far as I understand, due to government called emergency measures, has been waived of any kind of product responsibility/liability – so at the end the taxpayer, meaning us, would have to pick up any possible potential product shortcomings or compensation payments. A clear boost for future profits since no third party risk has to be priced in.
  1. The Death of Cities and Communities – some of our cities meanwhile look like scenes straight out of a Mad Max movie, homeless camps, boarded up closed businesses and the typical droves of people have been replaced by mischiefs of rats, plaguing empty streets. Abandoned shopping malls and empty commercial real estate; a rise in crime rates in streets and on public transit trains have transformed former bustling centers into eerie modern wastelands.
  1. The Extinction of the Middle Class – not even talking about how many livelihoods of self-employed and small business were and will soon be lost. Big business sheltered by special treatment and handsome bailouts. While the wealth of the Middle Class has been flushed into the hands of the Amazons and global conglomerates – helping the unrestricted rise of the Hyper-Rich and furthering the dump of the rest of the population into the queue of food lines at local charity organizations or state organized welfare programs. Don’t know if that prescription was the right one – since vaccination only makes sense if I have something to eat.
  1. On the other hand, Fake Wealth Creation paired with abysmal Corporate, Sovereign and Private debt levels – the mentioned middle and lower class drowning in debt. For the brave casino type stock markets trading almost totally detached from any basic business rationale, but with an underlying safety net, e.g. Plunge Protection Team (PPT), securing and guaranteeing mega profits for a chosen few. One corner of the economy that still works – keeping the dream of getting rich in the fast lane alive.
  1. Drug use on the rise – obviously the docs, who prescribe us the Covid remedies did not read the small print with the side effects of home confinement and social isolation. As a side effect to all Covid news and restrictions, mental health problems are on a steep rise, as reaction and direct result for the twisted reality created by the imposed measures of health authorities around the world. In some parts of the world the numbers of drug related deaths even trump clearly the death toll of Covid related ones.
  1. The Death of the Tourism industry – well, not really noteworthy for the Mainstream media, but health measures, home confinement and outright travel bans have killed the biggest industry employing the most people worldwide. Have you heard any news about the forgotten hospitality workers in vacation destinations. But who really seems to care about the Mexican cook or hotel maid and their starving families?
  1. Ongoing silent Saber Rattling in particular between the US / China / Iran / Russia / India as well parts in Eurasia (Turkey) are already or might be soon at the point – and what has hardly been mentioned and noticed in the US media, that in particular Russia has meanwhile achieved some clear technical military advantages over the US (e.g. supersonic missiles, below -60°C operational weaponry) – so watch out who you provoke and “play” with. 
  1. Director of the WFP, David Beasley, who previously warned that the “cure” for the COVID-19 pandemic should not be worse than the disease and told the United Nations General Assembly that in wake of the economic effects of the pandemic 270 million people are now “marching towards starvation.” So, those ¼ of a Billion (!!) people will soon have to be added to the presently 1.8 Million Covid related deaths.

Anything positive?

Oh – yes – 2020 is certainly a pan-global year for germophobes – finally all of us could, voluntarily or not join, the belief that only chemical warfare can deliver healthy organisms. Good that we are swallowing probiotic pills with billions of “good” minded little germs to counterbalance the inside to our outside acts of germ warfare against the invisible – and that small world just mirrors the “big” world.

Seemingly following the same – destroy first and then rebuild – motto, people, like some Prime Ministers, are following, when they refer and talk about the “Great Reset”

Obviously, the door of the Trojan Horse has already been opened and the before hidden media and opinion warriors, like high ranking bureaucrats, politicians and “scientists”, are already among us, have swarmed our villages and have conquered and occupied our minds. 

Well – the best of luck, a Happy and Healthy 2021 for all who visited and supported Zeitdiagnosis.com this year.

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