The Year 2024/25 for the US

It is very unlikely that you will not find a media outlet at this time of the year that is not surmising about how this new year, 2024, will unfold and what it holds in store. Be it financial analysts, political observers, weather/climate gurus, doomsday forecasters, all kinds of journalists, nearly everybody that has some rank or title is trying to get to the top of the augural podium. 

The desire to know the future is certainly not new, nor is the business with it. One might remember the Roman augurs, who were priests and officials in the classical Roman world, who’s role was to study and observe events within a sacred space – templum – to then interpret the will of the gods. Their main focus was on birds, what kind of birds they saw, their direction of flight, what kind of noises and signs were emanating from them – all that served as the basis of their observation and led to a later interpretation. Similar in the astrological approach since Hs.11 is associated with the flight of birds (Aquarius/Uranus) – the cusp of Hs.12 is known to be the origin of time, to a degree the ancients knew about this kind of content and were looking to find it in the according phenomenon – the behavior of birds.    

We can already sense the distinct difference between then and now. The old world focused on the world around them, always with the respect of the supernatural, the heavens in mind. Contrarily, the modern world with one-track, self proclaimed specialists that do not even have the ability to put two seemingly unrelated occurrences together.

If we listen to what is presently forecasted for 2024 one could really believe that the world will end. If you like to believe the climate change experts and life extinctionists believers, all the extreme weather phenomena of the coming year will certainly be attributed to climate change and your carbon footprint, and can only be averted if you surrender completely to their carbon totalitarianism including a full dietary change. The political trend observers, especially in Western countries, tell us that the “extreme” right wing currents will undermine democracy, which certainly has to be avoided at any cost, even if we have to sacrifice the last islands of free speech, the only medium for a functioning society, for it. Some financial forecasters – like in the Economist – call for a collapse of the stock market, usually duly avoiding a hint that the present monetary central banking system is the root cause of our corrupt financial markets and systems. 

If we could see who really signs the cheques for the augural words of these specialists, we would very quickly understand that we are not getting a reliable forecast rather more self fulfilling prophecies for the disciples of the specific kind of subject.

Depending where you get your news from and what you like to read, listen and believe, it seems like we are witnessing the hay days for the different kinds of prepping industries. Bunkers and similar installations sell at a premium, it almost seems like every rich person has one; and the online world is all a buzz about an adequate weapon or food choice that should secure one’s existence in the case of the arrival of doomsday. For the one that has not yet tuned completely into the end-day scenario, countless Hollywood and Netflix productions will at the end convince you that the end must be nigh.  

I’d have a higher confidence in the augurs of the bygone days – since their approach seems to be more holistic than that of a one track mind. At least the augurs were correct to consider the realm of the fourth quadrant as the source of time – the supernatural as the “giving” and influencing part of the equation, whereas the modern gurus of the future seemed to be rather narcissistic in their approach. It would be nice if we could compare the quality of the predictions of the augurs of the ancient times with the ones of the modern times. Not knowing the outcome, I would put more trust in the ones that rely on the fourth, heavenly, quadrant content. 

I believe we can forecast with certainty that the most dominant news headlines of 2024 can be expected to come mainly from the US. Aside of heading into an election year, the US is faced with myriad internal issues: a huge migrant inflow from the South; financial issues; an unprecedented opioid crisis; an huge civil service and governmental security apparatus; a seemingly insurmountable political divide; a decay of its military might; and a dawning realization that the present system seems to rather finance everything else in the world (e.g. weapons for other countries, state employees in Ukraine) than rather focusing on domestic issues. 

Considering that the presiding president has spent almost half his time in office (40%) on vacation, these outcomes should not be of great surprise. That is not what one expects from one of the top job holders in the world; but it ties nicely into the forecast I once made when he started his presidency. One might just wonder how the top job demands such little commitment and who actually pulls the strings.
Due to the precision of my almost three year old forecast (and the encouragements of my readers) I am now writing another prediction of this apparently crucial year for the “land of the free” As the base of that forecast I will use the chart of the spring equinox, starting March 20, 2024 spanning until March 2025 for the territory of the US.

A first glance at the chart: most of the planets are second quadrant based and if any of those kinds of quick assessments mean anything – there is a lot happening in the second quadrant – the emotional part of a chart.

The Scorpio AC of the chart certainly does not necessarily enthuse, particularly since it will represent itself in real terms, since Pluto is situated in the first quadrant – the potential of the chart is certainly not about (the) “free”. After all, the potential of time already indicates that some sort of repressed content is “falling” into the house of the execution of the appearance of the comunal – in general not so ideal. 

The fairly subdued potentiality is challenged by the multiple planetary presentations in the second quadrant. In short – there will be a lot of “emotional fermentation” happening below the ideologized cloak of perception of civil peace and righteousness

Mars in Hs.4 is leading the way, firing and stirring up the folk soul. As already expressed in the previous year chart, the existential threat is coming from an unprecedented stream of migrants, weakening the social fabric and putting a strain on the community at large, which equates to an underlying Mars-Moon constellation, the agitated folk soul. And that very Mars in Hs.4 is aspected with the Moon in Hs.9 that connects it with the aforementioned Pluto of the potential of the chart. The Moon-Pluto details how the pressure was built up over time – the folk soul (Moon in this case) had no development since it was consumed (repressed) by programs (meaning intent) and information
The Hs.4 located Saturn-Venus gives us a further detail for that kind of repressed folk soul – “the communal as your duty” – in looser terms I would put the entire woke movement and ESG, that presently seems to stifle society and the world of business, into that corner of the chart. By the way, I should point out that the constellation reveals the loss of Uranus – equating to no territory (no figuration). 

Meaning if that constellation relates to that kind of political content it tells us that whatever good minded initial intent has been at the base of the movement causes a deprivation of territorial aspects, which are increasingly manifesting themself in all societies that adhere to that kind of propaganda of that movement. For that reason, this kind of movement is rarely understood in societies that are not considered Western societies. The phenomena contributes to the mass migration particularly into North America and Western Europe / Western Societies. Not wanting to get sidetracked, but it is the reason why big banks, industry and billionaires have subscribed and are heavily invested into the movement since both result in the same outcome.

The Sun of the chart is aspected with Neptune foretelling us another piece of timely content – the loss of a “kingdom” – which is what I believe many US citizens have already unconsciously sensed; is manifesting itself in record firearms sales and toying with the theoretical possibility to withdraw themselves from reality by moving into their personal bunkers. 

The starry set up for the entire year certainly does not look overly pretty, especially for an election year. Considering that the MC is telling us that it will result in the abolition of territory, which we should not necessarily take literally, rather perceive it in the context of one’s own (everyones) access to fourth quadrant content that is obviously at peril.

Catching one’s attention is the fairly prominent Jupiter-Uranus at the DC (Hs.6/7). The constellation appears at the point where awareness and consciousness intersect, creating what we perceive as the present. The constellation, if you are one who categorizes life by terms of good or bad, is perceived to be a lucky constellation (if there is such a thing). It gets its “positive” reputation because the constellation tells us that restricting, corrective forces of the fourth quadrant, namely Capricorn (Saturn), are excluded – and for that, the moment is perceived as “lucky”. 

The election day for the US is so far set to be for Nov. 5. If not changed or even annulled – putting the date on the chart results to be on the beginning degrees of Cancer (2-4 degrees), which happens to be aspected with the aforementioned Sun-Neptune of the chart – the “loss of the kingdom”. It will be interesting who’s “kingdom” at the end will be lost.

The augurs of ancient Rome would have a hard time to decipher the omens of our times since just over the last decade more than a quarter of the birds have vanished from the skies and that should be enough of an omen to understand what we already have lost.

Copyright 2024 by Dirk Heinicke