“If it quacks like a duck ….” – German Foreign Minister “declares” war on Russia

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”. Annalena Bearbock is certainly not known for her wit and smartness, in fact many wonder why she ever ended up in the top job as Germany’s foreign minister in the first place. Last week she certainly trumped her many political gaffes with calling the “help Ukraine” efforts openly a war. How dare you name what all the German “allies,” or should we say puppet masters, call a humanitarian and democratic aid package a war. 

Clearly Mrs. Baerbock spoiled the soup of deception that is stirred by western MSM daily that all the billions of potential future taxpayer funds are well “invested” in tanks, air defense systems and military equipment to save humanity. How can military equipment be an investment and yield anything other than death and destruction? The only places where all that action yields anything will be for the shareholders of the subsequent mainly American suppliers. 

Anyway her speech in front of the Council of Europe certainly has been viewed by many around the world as a declaration of war. Considering the personal history of her gaffes I believe she can be liberated from that kind of accusation, it would take someone of a more refined caliber to believe it was intentional. But as stated and proven on many occasions on this website – truth never hides, so let’s see what kind of quality of time the day of her speech demonstrates to get closer to the truth.

Day of Annalena Baerbock before the Council of Europe 25.01.23

Mercury, planet of the AC and Hs.5, is located in Hs.8. – the content of Hs.8 wants to be articulated – the subject – a loss or impairment of a territory (Venus-Saturn) in Hs.10. But here is the caveat, Mercury is aspected with Neptune-Jupiter in Hs.11 – which reveals that we are dealing with deception of some sort. Quite telling as well is Mars in Hs.1 – giving the event of the day the war rhetoric that it will be remembered for. Since Aries (Mars) is the timely content that wants to originate, we can certainly understand that her speech, intended or unintended, gets into the history books as a declaration of war. 

The most amazing historical connection that the chart reveals is the position of Uranus in Hs.12. The denied origin, which is even elevated by the Sun-Pluto aspected MC, does not give much hope that we are dealing here with life fostering ideas or expressions thereof. If we put the date of the German invasion of Ukraine in 1941 known under its code name Barbarossa into the chart it falls exactly onto the Uranus of the day chart of her speech. Applying another rhythm, the German invasion into Ukraine falls right on the Mars-Moon point on the chart of her speech – explaining the resentment that was expressed by some Eastern European countries of Germany declaring it a war.  

So much to its timely connection. What does it tell us about the now officially called war against Russia – well I guess we all do not need to be great history buffs to know how the German occupation of Russian territory ended and since the Germans with all their allied friends seem to be all in one boat, we can guess how that kind of “humanitarian” aid program will end. 

And it is not just the Germans alone that carry some sort of a historical burden from an invasion into that geographic region, even the French should look back in their history books and read how their attempt to conquer that part of the world ended.

Putting even all that aside – what real aid program eradicates predominantly the male population of a country? 

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01.02.2023well, that did not take long to confirm it even from the British

21.05.2023 – and now it is not just only the male population – the recruiting efforts almost seem to resemble NSDAP methods – get the youth to the front – and all that with Western aid money