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As a sub organization of the United Nations, the World Health Agency (WHO) was established in April 1948 in Geneva, Switzerland. The main objective of the organization, according to its constitution, is the “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”. Since the mid nineteen hundreds there have been quite a number of predecessors and organizations attempting to streamline international quarantining efforts. In 1948 the WHO absorbed most of those organizations and combined them all under one new roof. 

In light of this year’s Coronavirus the question that has been coming up: Is the organization still fulfilling its mandate, and does it really serve the world community in its initially intended way?

Mounting controversies and scandals over the last seven decades of its existence have proven that the organization is not solely following a humanitarian mission concerned about the health of individuals and world communities. Lately, the doings and policies of the organization have increasingly come under public scrutiny and critique. The accusations span from human rights issues, connections to the world of high finance, praising dictators, to even making up a pandemic – and so the list keeps on going and growing. This year’s response to the Coronavirus has a possible chance of being added to the list, at least once we understand what really would have been an adequate and measured response to the virus (just as an example the Swedish response). 

So not everything is well in the Olympus of the white robed profession and as a result of all the controversy, one of its biggest contributors, the US, has already announced to stop their annual funding. 

April 7, 1948 can be assumed as the “birth” of the organization. The international mainstream media ensures that we do not forget to celebrate and commemorate it as World “Health” Day.

WHO, April 7, 1948 – Geneva, Switzerland

The first house of the midday chart already reveals quite a bit of the WHO’s “story”. A conjunction of Mars/Saturn/Pluto in that house, which is the basis and energy of the appearance, indicates we are dealing with a process that has lost its principle of its own existence and with that, results in misguidance. The Mars/Pluto part of the constellation points to a transmission of programmes / perceptions which originate from a defence of the principle of truth / life (Neptune). The grade of the AC offers a time content which can be described as being between two partners or being existential uprooted, explaining the chronic funding shortage of the blown up bureaucratic apparatus. The Mars/Saturn aspect of the constellation emphasizes that the organization is constantly dealing with resistance, which results in an aggression towards the determining. So in short, a lot of friction and restrictions are already built into the appearance powering part of the chart. 

The Mars-Pluto reveals that the organization is susceptible to being occupied / subdued or can be vulnerable to outside forces. Just by looking at the first house, I conclude that the organization is not as independent as it should be – or perhaps it never was intended to be an independent entity from the start. This surely allows a suspicion that big pharma, political agendas, or even more entrepreneurial interest sway and influence the course and mission of the world spanning organization – see my earlier article “Bill Gates and the WHO”. Since the Mars-Pluto is part of the first quadrant – demonstrating how the institution occupies/conquers space and time – also underlines that the organization is able to execute “programmes” by decree (“guidelines” for national health authorities).

Furthermore, the MC, the determinative, shows independence has been replaced by a gigantism instead of standing up for their principles – quite fitting for an organization that has been flip flopping on many subjects. One of the latest examples is the discussion regarding the effectiveness of facemasks in preventing the spread of the virus. I remember that the WHO’s initial stand at the beginning of the year towards wearing a mask was fairly relaxed. Apparently, after being lobbied by the industry, the topic of wearing of masks was deemed as indisputable by the WHO. The ensued discussion even led to people being barred from online platforms (like youtube, twitter, ..) from expressing their opinion about the subject online. That in itself already proves the mentioned “Mars-Pluto at work”, which does not tolerate or allow criticism.

Talking about health – in this case Moon-Mercury (in 9, Cancer 12 to 11) – the regulated source/origin as a notion, being sold as health is close to blasphemy. Health never originates from a managed or intellectually regulated environment – “perceiving illness as a process will make it unsolvable” (W.Doebereiner)

This constellation reveals the real purpose of the organization – it was created to regulate and govern the access of each human being to their source of life. Meaning, the access to the very own source of healing (access to the subconscious) is denied and regulated by a bureaucratic and autocratic body. With all the discussion surrounding forced immunization, we might experience that kind of constellation very soon

The fear of being robbed of your very own (Moon/Cancer) is real – and the people that fear it might be called conspiracy fans, but their immune system is still partly intact and senses the danger of an organization that not only has the communal and individual health on top of their agenda. The Leo (AC), as well as the Aries Sun of the chart, do not provide a fitting set-up for an organization that is predominantly thought to be compassionate, caring, and interested in the health of others, since these two stars signs are the more egocentric ones of the Zodiac.

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