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Mandating Covid vaccination – a historical recurrence – free content

The Covid story and narrative is a sticky one and does not seem to go simply away. If you have read the Grand Conjunction articles on this website you will know why the virus constellation has not left the ether of present news and will most likely stay with us for a longer time. 

Meanwhile, over the last 20 months, governments have bent the interpretation of basic human rights to impose draconian laws on their populace in order to be at war with a virus. The majority has seemingly not yet keyed into the loss of their basic rights and does not even seem to be remotely concerned about it. Actually, they are being convinced that they are doing the “right” thing, which, on the flipside, has changed the tone towards the non-jabbed portion of the population. Many, including the medical establishment, truly believe that they are at war with a virus and who does not follow the call to arms, meaning getting an injection of some sort, is automatically not fighting their war and subsequently their enemy. 

The proclaimed war against a virus is not a war against germs, it is a war against and among people. Arguably, even a clear-headed child understands that the scheme of a war against a virus is a tad overbearing and health matters should not be politicized. 

The script of the pandemic scare (war) certainly has traces of the once by Philip II of Macedon (born 382 BCE) shared emperor’s wisdom, how to successfully lead a war. “Divide and Conquer”, which was not just applied and loved by leaders like Julius Cesar or Napoleon, it even still seems to work just fine in modern “democratic” systems. At last, the populace is divided. Little adjustments and daily or weekly ideological injections from time to time seem to keep the war in between families, friends and neighbours going. Over the discussion (if there would be any) many of us have meanwhile lost friends and family; and on a larger scale, a form of national and international vaccine aphartheid can already be observed. The divide goes deep and in some places the tensions that come with it have intensified. Governments combined with some sort of medical (corporate) tyrants do not even seem to care about their apparently so purely science based conclusions. Which does not surprise since WHO and other bodies made sure that the involved characters enjoy legal immunity over the matter. Hence valued science based professional opinions, critical of the type of the applied “vaccines”, were attacked by the corporate sworn in group, which seems to enjoy their attained powers, influence and not to forget the $’s that come with it. 

In parts of Europe – presently Austria and Germany – the political and medical corporate elite is already eying compulsory vaccination for the entire population, and as the trend goes and history being a guide, other countries will soon follow suit.

The first mandatory vaccine law to ever be forced onto a population was in the early years of the newly formed Kingdom of Bavaria. In 1807, Maximilian I Joseph, the first Bavarian King with one of his first decrees, subjected all citizens of the Kingdom to be vaccinated against smallpox. 

At the time, smallpox was killing about 400.000 annually in Europe. For the then about 21 million Europeans that meant facing a real pandemic (2% annually) – not one that was just made up by changing a definition – see earlier article. 

With one of its first decrees, the constituted kingdom wanted everyone to be vaccinated, in particular children. For a period of more than a decade one eighth of the kingdom’s health budget was used to vaccinate people with the then just recently in Britain discovered cowpox virus/vaccine. It would take many years to get the resistant Bavarian population vaccinated and more than 170 years of constant worldwide vaccinations to “eradicate” smallpox.

In 1807, when the law was announced, people were not willing to be subjected to a substance that was derived from pox blisters of a cow’s udder (vacc-ination = vacca = cow). Fines were draconian, if a child was unvaccinated the fine would vary according to the wealth of its parents, anywhere from 1 to 8 guilder. At those days the monthly salary for a soldier was 2 ¼ guilder, so the fines were considerable. The vaccination was controversial and was perceived by many, particularly the clergy, as heresy. In Tirol the matter got politicized and a violent revolt under Andreas Hofer was organized against the Bavarian troops. And history repeats – the cry to introduce mandatory vaccines again comes from the same geographical area and we are again dealing with resistance; the same pattern, just hundreds of years later. 

The fascinating side – time has already embedded the present struggle for vaccination in the chart of the day of the announcement of the first mandatory vaccination law. 

Similar to the many charts before and to no big surprise, the chart has a Scorpio AC. Scorpio’s Pluto in Hs.4, indicating some sort of subdued content that gets placed in the house of origin (soul). Since we are dealing with an entire dominion – “something” gets layered over/into the spring of the folk’s soul – the soul of a population is then blocked or “contaminated” so to speak. 

Mandated Vaccination, Bavaria 1807 (the presently announced mandatory vaccination in Austria happen exactly when transiting over the Moon in Hs.7 – 214 years later

Just on a side note and almost an analogy and fitting to that very constellation, the remedy to this Hs.4 indicated issue – a vaccine derived from an udder (Hs.4 Cancer/Moon – milk).

Anyway, what content is Pluto using/delivering to hinder the flow of the “folk’s (soul) spring”? With a Scorpio AC – Pluto is charged with all sorts of content of the sunken truth of Hs.12 – in this case Saturn, Uranus and Mars, which are aspected with Moon, Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter of the chart as well (see highlighted planets). The most prevalent and most visual constellation, from a public perspective, is that of Moon-Neptune. Moon in H.7, the image reception, indicating that Neptune is denied presence in life – the exclusion of Neptune. Emphasizing the same kind of issue – the connected constellation of Mars-Uranus is just reiterating the loss of Neptune. 

A bit more detailed and even closer to the core of the issue: Moon, which is located on a Saturn-Mercury aspected grade, reveals that the spring/source of the folk is hampered by the decision to replace the determinative with regulation and similar content we are just revisiting right now.

With the appointment of King Maximilian I of Bavaria, deep political changes were executed. This includes the Bavarian Secularization (1802–1803), which led to the nationalisation of cultural assets of the Church, protestants were emancipated. Furthermore, Maximilian I is known to be the frontrunner to transform the Kingdom into a constitutional state. That change eliminated many medieval, old traditional forms of governance and that change was not just isolated to Bavaria alone – all of Europe was pulled into the same stream of political change. The political landscape was transformed and laid the groundwork for the later ensuing industrial revolution. The way Europeans would perceive life would change forever. Quite obvious, the “subduction” of Neptune has found its physical execution and parallel in the vaccine.

Pandemic and plagues usually fall into the same time major changes in perception of life and governance happen. Not so different in this case, which should already give us something to think about. If the instigators of the present Covid protocol are the same that try to sell us their “built back better or stronger” campaigns. Isn’t it Britain, NZ, Australia, Canada and the US that have chosen almost identical slogans for a new form of government that will follow after the “pandemic” or, even better, Mr. Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, who calls it outright “the great reset”. 

“Wokeism”; climate change; up-rooting of the present national forms of governance, particularly it seems in Commonwealth countries; and socialistic/communistic ideas of a guaranteed income are obviously the new forms of governance and perception of life that seem to be onto us. Jabbed or not – no wonder that people are and will be dying in masses, changes are up onto us. If you can grasp the connection, you understand that there is no cure for this kind of exposure, not even an inoculation with some sort of undisclosed substances (which ingredients will only be revealed in 70 years) is not going to change it. Instead it seems to cement the seemingly inevitable.

Coming back to the first mandatory vaccination – the present call for forced vaccines can be seen in the chart. The encounter with the Moon of the very chart – exactly to the day, 214 years later Austria decided and announced to mandate vaccines, is just another proof how exact a chart can be and to what extent we are subjected to “ghosts of the past”. The physical constraint that is executed with confining the last “unjabbed” parts of the population is just another analogy of how the system is trying to go after the last part of the population that is not yet physically or mentally subjected to the new regime. Just another analogy – as pointed out earlier, vaccines got their name from the origin – vacca – which is connected to Taurus – the socio, adhesive energies of groups. No wonder that the invention of the original vaccine coincided with the great political earthquakes that shook Europe by late 1700 early 1800. 

With the dawn of the vaccine entire communal structures would change over time – leveling the spiritual way for the soon after developing industrial revolution. Almost as if the grand scheme achieved its intended goal – in 1970 smallpox, the trigger of the creation of the original VACCINE, was worldwide declared as eradicated

Looking back to the 60-70’s it could be claimed that the world by then had almost fully industrialized before it started to digitatalize every aspect of life. Quite telling as well, is that the new generation of “vaccines” are by definition and composition not vaccines anymore (mRNA) – that is why the definitions of vaccine, pandemic and herd immunity had recently to be changed by the according institutions like WHO and/or the American CDC. 

The, up to recently used, vaccines were precursors paving the path for all sorts of communal executions of appearances (e.g. socialism, communism, social programs, …). The impact of the new sort of vaccines will yield a different outcome since they are not impacting the socio (Venus) part of the equation – these new substances are Scorpio/Pluto creations. The “new vaccines” (mRNA), will very likely usher in a new era of dependency and a need for programming the minds

Scorpio is opposite to Taurus and in its force and energy diametrical to it. Scorpio is not overly engaged in socio oriented processes like Taurus, still as an opponent involved in group dynamics, but more in a regulatory sense. We are already living in times where communities define themselves through technological means like the internet and all kinds of social media. For that very reason, we are already living in the era of “information technology” and the mRNA substances are the fitting shoehorn and the new type of vaccines to ensure everyone fits into the mold of the techno apparatus – physically and spiritually.

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