Celine encountering Uranus

Aside from reporting about the newly released documentary about Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, tabloid media was busy, reporting the announcement of the Canadian music icon, Celine Dion. Celine told the public that she has been diagnosed with SPS or stiff person syndrome. Certainly, those who live in North America have heard her distinct voice many times on air and TV. Particularly for Canadians she is known for her involvement in charities and for receiving the order of Canada in 2013. 

Celine is certainly a Canadian poster “child”, that embodies artistic success and knows quite well how to market herself. The news of her being diagnosed with a very debilitating health condition that will likely impact her professional life drew my attention. It certainly is not destiny’s cannibalism that draws me to her latest story, it is rather an interest in how this rare health condition presents itself in astrological terms. 

As with previous celebrity charts on this website, her time of birth was easy to find. Her birth chart is, from an online perspective, no big secret. Here is her widely available chart that I do not intend to dissect too much. I’d rather focus on the (her) present situation and how it is expressed in her chart. 

Her Leo AC with a very dominant Saturn-Sun at the MC is clearly backing the lioness image that can be observed in many of her pictures, her general public perception and allowed her to be so widely recognized. Looking a bit closer, we can see that she is presently, with her 54.6 years of age, transiting right over her Uranus in Hs.3. The constellation is so exact that there is no doubt for me that this is the constellation she is presently subjected to, or should I say experiencing and that the chart and birth time appears to be exact. 

And it is fitting – as mentioned on occasions before – Uranus is associated with the nervous system and as such, the connection to the recent diagnosis of SPS. SPS is fittingly described as a neurological disorder. Especially in her chart since Uranus is in Hs.3 – the house of motoric functions. Adding to it Uranus is in direct connection to Pluto – Pluto-Uranus – the “bird in a cage constellation”. The constellation indicates that her Uranus, the connection and ability to connect to her origin, is tampered. Uranus is contained by Pluto and cannot roam / break free; its flow is interrupted and since it is, as already previously mentioned in her third house, it is affecting her motorics skills and that in a very physical way (Q.1). Since Uranus is impacted it affects her access to her twelfth house and with that come consequences impacting her ability to create.

The Pluto-Uranus constellation in her chart is generational (mid sixties) as well as hereditary. In her particular case the origin of Pluto is coming from Hs.5, the expressionist, the creating part of her chart, that is on top containing Neptune, which connects to her Mars-Moon in Hs.10 as well to Jupiter in Hs.2.

Apart from that intricate connection, Pluto is connected (opposition) to Venus-Mercury, which is connected to the very dominant Sun-Saturn at the MC. The Sun-Saturn could even be part of the revelation of the condition that is described as stiff (Saturn) person syndrome. The chance of getting SPS is stated as one in a million, so it is extremely rare to find other people experiencing the same sort of motor skills impairment.

It not just seems, it really is the case that with her present transition over her Uranus, all planets of her chart get triggered simultaneously. One could almost perceive it as the “Coup Majeur” of her life. And clearly, everyone can understand, and that experiencing unannounced, sporadic muscle spasms, will profoundly change one’s life. Uranus, which is known to be sporadic and unpredictable, appears in the form of an execution of the appearance. In Celine’s case, it will be a sudden break/interruption in her ability to execute her motor skills. To a degree Venus is involved, which could indicate that her ability to sing will be affected by the constellation.

In earlier charts I touched on the subject of the “regulatives”, that indicate a behavioral pattern that has developed over time and negates/compensates the inherent disposition of the person. In general – we are all subject to this kind of cycle and process at certain points in life. Our “modern times” even exacerbate that kind of process and make it even harder to understand and get to the root causes of the appearance. As we could see with Halsey’s chart – many times stardom bears a bitter price to pay – similar to Celine’s case.

My best wishes go out to Celine and I hope she will be able to find the person that will be able to decipher and explain to her, her very personal riddle that is embedded in this chart, since gaining consciousness and understanding over the process and what she has “left out” would be half of the healing process.

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