Argentina – Milei and now ?

A historic event does not just happen, it needs a fitting player, a conducive environment, and clearly the potential of the quality of time that offers the needed timely ingredients. It just so happened in Argentina that obviously some “stars aligned” fittingly for Javier Milei to win the presidential election in Argentina
Most of the international mainstream media has meanwhile already shunned and branded him as “far-right.” Clearly from a view of W-organizations worshiping countries of the West and their propaganda prompting outlets, everything and everyone that is just the slightest right to their at the core quite obvious socialist-communist agenda is already branded “far-right.” 

What really makes him so dangerous for the establishment of the West is a promise to get rid of the Argentine Central Bank. If he succeeds, it would pose a grave risk for the ruling systems of other countries around the world, to be possibly confronted with similar political movements that could question their outright criminal ponzi schemes of limitless currency creation and look for fitting alternatives to bring back wealth and stability. 

So the question that arises will Milei be successful with his movement. To get a closer idea of what is going on in a country that has been plagued for decades by a notoriously corrupt and socialist system we will have a look at three charts that display the starry potential or non potential of that historic moment in the making. 

The first chart is the day of the election in Buenos Aires. Clearly the chart just by its basic means heralds change or disruption. And if any Peronista  had any influence choosing the election day latest by now that person should be shunned by his party. This chart clearly is not a chart that keeps the reigning party in power. Just to highlight some points – Sun-Mars – at the MC – it is clearly not a day that offers complacency by the populace – and on top the constellation is aspected with Moon-Uranus (and Jupiter) that clearly promised some uproar in the populace and folk sentiment that looks for change. If you wanted to stay in power that certainly is not the day fit for an election. 

Anyway the second chart is based on a similar idea. The midday chart of the day of the planned inauguration of Javier Milei, which is scheduled to happen on December 10. Similar to the day of the election, the day of his inauguration will give us a bid of an idea of what is about to unfold under his reign. 

The Pieces AC with Neptune in Hs.1, fit for dissolution and/or disintegration, offers the fitting background for his announced plans to get rid of many governmental institutions, advance privatization and dramatic cuts to government spending. Mars originates from the house of social cohesive forces that asserts that some, mainly public organizations/figurations will be shaken up. In short the potential of time seems to be fitting what his agenda and election promises seem to herald. With that kind of quality of time we can not just assume that he will be following through with some of his major key points, he will actually make some of his points on his election platform the “generally determined.” 

The last of the three charts is his personal chart, which should give us an idea what Milei himself is about to achieve. I checked an online available birth time with his subsequent chart and it does match the recent developments in his life, so I’m quite confident to use it to outline where all this might be leading to.

If we want to trust his wikipedia bio Javier Milei is known in economic circles in Argentina for a long time. Here is an excerpt of his wikibio – “For over 21 years, Milei has been a professor of macroeconomics, economics of growth, microeconomics, and mathematics for economists.[6] He is a specialist in economic growth and has taught several economic subjects in Argentine universities and abroad. He has written more than 50 academic papers.[14][15]Milei became the chief economist at Máxima AFJP, a private pension company; a head economist at Estudio Broda, a financial advising company; and a government consultant at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. He was also a senior economist at HSBC Argentina.[15] He served as chief economist at several national and international government public bodies.[6] Since 2012, Milei has led the division of Economic Studies at Fundación Acordar, a national think tank.[15] He is also a member of the B20 and a member of the Economic Policy Group of International Chamber of Commerce, an advisor to the G20. For 15 years, he worked at the private company Corporación América as the chief economist and financial adviser to Eduardo Eurnekian.[16]Milei is the author of several books,[17] including El camino del libertario.[18] He has a notable presence on television, with a 2018 ranking by Ejes showing him as the most interviewed economist on television, at 235 interviews and 193,347 seconds.[19] Milei also hosted his own radio show, Demoliendo mitos(Demolishing Myths),[20] featuring regular appearances by Alberdian economist and businessman Gustavo Lazzari and personalities like Alberdian lawyer Pablo Torres Barthe and right-libertarian political scientist María Zaldívar ….”

All that sits quite well with his Gemini AC that gets even emphasized with his Libra Sun in 4. – him being “a source of economic ideas” could be related to that kind of setup. Quite notable is a Mars-Pluto in Hs.3, which is possibly sensed by his political opponents that already portray him capable of creating a resurgence of the old military dictatorship from the late seventies

No matter how it all will pan out at the end for him. His country, that certainly voted him in more out of desperation than conviction, will follow and be subjected to his MC. The MC – the unintended determinative of his chart, which can be viewed almost like his legacy or what he will or might be remembered of, intentionally or unintentionally, is at least from my end not that promising, because it portrays a lack of self governance or known to be a point of a weak king surrounded by strong princes

Promising to subdue his country to subscribe to the king of all fiat currencies, the US Dollar, will certainly not be the way out of the deep economic crisis he inherits. The dependency on the US-dollar is already an expression of that kind of constellation itself, or being too snug with the economic elite of his country and handing over the last public crown jewels to the super rich, the outcome will very likely not be like it is advertised and wished for right now.

Looking at the not so distant future of his potential reign. He himself will be challenged with an encounter of the finite, starting in about a year’s time, lasting for about two years, so Javier you better choose your bodyguards well. On a parallel development – about 1.5 years from his inauguration date his cabinet will transit over Neptune (Hs.1), which usually grants some sort of instability to the construct and might have its cause in the previously mentioned more personally aspected constellation.

Javier will experience a lot of headwinds. As long as his truthful to his ideas, which will be close to impossible in the political realm, he might have a glimpse of a chance to push towards something that could be perceived as independence, but with the present international political environment that is surrounding him and rather pushing a unison socialist-communist agenda his success is very unlikely. 

So, Javier, how about not adopting the US-dollar, be a bit more nationalistic (independent) – remember your Argentina was once one of the wealthiest nations in the world and the solution for getting it back onto  the monetary stage is already riddled in its name.

Copyright 2023 by Dirk Heinicke

26.01.2024 – Ooops – that did not long – as expected the pressure is already starting to build up