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The political “leaders” of the club of the rich have met again. This time the main points on the agenda of the illustrious group covered: leading global recovery from Covid 19, while strengthening resilience against future pandemics; promoting prosperity by championing free and fair trade; tackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity; and championing shared values. To give the entire meeting a more inclusive shine and appearance, political representatives from other countries – like Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa were invited. 

Like with so many of these kinds of meetings – the public coffers have to pay the exorbitant cost of these meetings – but their participation is left to the interpretations of the very likely weeks before honed statements of their press conferences. The discussed matters and decisions affect all of us and are clearly of public interest, but are still crafted and decided behind closed doors. In days of modern communication would it be a great deal to make those kinds of meetings public, via the internet, to prove their true public intent.

Nonetheless, the scripted outcome and beforehand designed media statements are certainly a given since Mr. Trump is lately no longer a part of those meetings. He certainly could have derailed all those kinds of well thought through pre-written statements. For the establishment it certainly is back to normal business again.  

No matter what the official communiqué states – the quality of time expressed in the form of a chart always reveals the true content of discussed matters and underlying intentions and motions – no hiding here

The main point on the agenda of that particular 47th G7 meeting was Covid – how to distribute and have rich countries pay poorer countries for Covid vaccines and the almost seemingly inevitable subject – climate change.

Both of the main subjects have previously been dealt with and explained to some degree on this website – see “The vaccine Race” or “The Paris Climate Accord”

Covid, as well as “climate change”, are presently the only standing narratives that occupy state or private media of all the countries present at the G7. The outcome of the meeting and the choice of discussion topics are subsequently no surprise. This too is reflected in the day chart of the initial day of the G7 meeting in Britain, as well in the place where the Queen hosted the state representatives.

G7 summit in St. Ives, Britain, June 2021

The AC of the chart already suggests that we are dealing with a lost Neptune – indicating already at that point the whatever is / was on the agenda lacks Uranus, and with that, we could conclude, that whatever content of time is forging itself into the present, it will seek Uranus in others to consume it. Quite fitting since both of the stated main points on the agenda are exactly that – Covid and “climate change”. It gets even better – the Sun-Mercury is aspected in a way that allows the conclusion, as well demonstrates, whatever is achieved or accomplished by the group (of high ranking politicians and their henchmen and their puppeteers) is denying origin. The squared Neptune right on the DC aspected with the same kind of aspect puts even more emphasis on this life annihilating intent and regulatory outcome.  

To make it short – this meeting is and was never about saving the world nor even having the Samaritan notion – this is well calculated, rationalized, theft of life. The “crown of revealed truth” can be found under the signature of, the already many times in great length explained, Mars-Pluto – that is clearly not about fostering and caring – it is subjugation, plainly applying force and bending truth. 

The initial mentioned that the content of time is not just expressed in the presented chart – it is also expressed in the place where the dignitaries were welcomed by the Queen – at the “Eden Project”. Have a read here, but for the astrologically not so inclined – here you find the parallel to what all their agenda is about – controlling the environment. The “Biomes” (large greenhouses emulating life) of the Eden project give the fitting environment for the wicked agenda these political highflyers are imposing on us

Good luck to all of us since we are seemingly inescapably exposed to the fallout of their uneducated decisions and actions.

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